Over Two Dozen Semi-Trucks Involved in Massive Multi-Vehicle Accident on Interstate

Over Two Dozen Semi-Trucks Involved in Massive Multi-Vehicle Accident on Interstate

Interstate 80 is a primary roadway artery through the state of Wyoming. Commerce and personal travel depend on this highway. Unfortunately, wintertime weather conditions wreak havoc on this crucial highway annually. Thus far during the 2019 – 2020 winter season, the roadway has been closed 54 of the last 152 days.

Weather alone is not the only reason this freeway is clamped closed. Catastrophic accidents plague I-80 in the wintertime – and throughout the year. One such devastating accident occurred on the evening of March 1, 2019, a horrific collision so extensive that officials maintain they won’t even know the extent of the calamity for days.

The multi-vehicle pileup occurred just west of Rawlins, Wyoming, during the early evening hours. A light snow was falling at the time and the temperature was at about 20 degrees. Rescue personnel and law enforcement officials had not clear idea of the exact number of vehicles involved in the pileup. In addition, there is no firm idea of the number of injuries or deaths arising from the roadway calamity.

Some basic information has been amassed by rescue workers first at the scene and motorists on the highway at the time of the harrowing crash you made dramatic videos. Over 50 vehicles are involved in the massive pileup. Of that number, about two dozen are semi-trucks. Indeed, the chain reaction accident appears to have started when a semi and a passenger car initially collided.

An unknown number of people were injured in the wintry mass accident. At least one fatality was transported from the scene of the accident before dawn. Officials advise that the search and rescue operation is expected to continue over the course of three days. Thus, there may not be an accurate count of injuries and deaths for at least 72 hours.

This type of horrific multi-vehicle accident underscores a major issue associated not only with mass collisions but even automobile accidents involving a couple of automobiles or a passenger car and a semi-truck. Determining who is legally at fault can present a challenge.

Many folks wrongly presume that a law enforcement investigation will develop evidence that in turn can be used by an injured person who wants to make a claim for compensation following an accident with a semi-truck or another automobile. Law enforcement and other officials that may be involved in a traffic accident, including a multi-vehicle pileup like that on I-80, don’t have as their objective or focus making a case to compensate an injured person or people.

In addition, a thorough investigation of an accident may not begin immediately. A search and rescue effort understandably takes priority. Moreover, an accident might occur at a location and during weather conditions that also hampers an inquiry.

As a consequence, a person injured in an automobile accident needs to be as proactive as possible when it comes to gathering evidence to support a claim. If at all possible, you need to begin collecting evidence at the scene of a vehicle accident itself. This includes:

  • Make a video or take photos of the accident scene
  • Identify witnesses and collect comprehensive contact information
  • Obtain statements from witnesses
  • Exchange contact information with the other party or parties to the accident
  • Exchange insurance information with the other party or parties to the accident
  • Contact the police and file a police report
  • Seek medical care or a post-accident physical evaluation

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