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Car Ripped in Two after High-Speed Collision in New York City

Car Ripped in Two after High-Speed Collision in New York City

Regardless of social distancing and related restrictions on different types of establishments being open to the general public, some people are still out and about socializing and otherwise entertaining themselves. Such seemed to be the case for a trio of people whose late night out in the Bronx ended in calamity.

A 32-year old man was at the wheel of a Mercedes C26 in the Bronx neighborhood of Hunts Point. With him in the sedan were two other passengers, both women in their 20s.

At 3:30 a.m., the threesome was traveling at an exceptionally high rate of speed through a zone with a posted limit of 30 miles per hour. The driver went to change lanes and lost control over the car. The vehicle smashed into support pillar.

The speed the car was moving at the time of the accident hasn’t been released by investigators. What is known is that the speed was so great that the force of impact with the support pillar was so severe that the sedan was torn into two pieces.

The intense impact ejected the driver and both passengers from the car. The driver and one of the passengers were killed instantly. The third person in the vehicle was taken to an area hospital where she was listed in critical condition. At this juncture, she is expected to survive but is likely to face a prolonged period of time recovering, including extensive physical rehabilitation. The specifics regarding the nature of her injuries have not been released by the hospital or law enforcement officials.

Beyond confirming that the car was running at a rate of speed well beyond the posted limit, and that the driver lost control when trying to make a lane change, investigators have released no other information about the underlying cause of the deadly accident. As of this time, investigators have neither confirmed nor denied that alcohol or some other mind-altering substance may have played a role in the horrific crash.

The stark reality is that an alarming number of automobile accidents occur each year involving only one vehicle. Indeed, 58 percent of all fatal car collisions involve only one vehicle. Of all fatal car accidents, 50 percent of people killed are drivers while 17 percent are passengers. In addition, 16 percent of fatalities in car accident are pedestrian and 14 percent are motorcyclists. The same ratios generally apply to who sustains serious injuries in automobile accidents as well.

40 percent of all automobile accidents in the United States involve collisions with fixed objects like the support pillar in this NYC case. 48 percent of all automobile accidents take place at night. 41 percent of automobile accidents in the USA occur in dark but lighted conditions, like the fatal collision discussed here.

If you were the passenger in a vehicle involved in a single-car crash, or if you’ve lost a family member in this way, you may not be entirely certain of your legal rights. Odds are that if you’re a passenger in a vehicle (excluding ride share cars) you’ve a connection of some sort with the driver. The driver may be a family member, friend, or colleague. The fact that this type of personal or direct connection my exist with a driver responsible for a single-vehicle collision doesn’t alter your legal interests and ability to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. In the final analysis, in most cases, your claim will be with an insurance company.

If you’ve been injured in this type of collision as a passenger in a car involved in a single-vehicle crash, a car accident injury lawyer from The Doan Law Firm at (800) 349-0000 is available to explain your rights and provide you with a comprehensive case evaluation. You can reach us any time of the day or night.

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