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Massive Explosion Destroys Pleasure Boat Near Fort Lauderdale Intercoastal Waterway

About two dozen people were cruising on the New River heading towards the Intercoastal Waterway in Fort Lauderdale on a 41-foot Wellcraft pleasure boat when a large explosion occurred, resulting in a major blaze on the craft. Flames quickly engulfed the boat. When the blast occurred, some of the people were thrown off the boat, others jumped from the watercraft in order to escape the blazing inferno and save their lives.

Other boats were on the New River in the immediate vicinity at the time the explosion rang out at about 2:00 p.m. on the afternoon of October 15. 2020. Multiple people immediately called 911 to report the explosion and the people in peril.

Nearby boaters quickly started to pluck injured people and others out of the water. They also assisted in helping those that remained on the distressed boat to abandon the ship. A total of 21 people were accounted for following the violent explosion.

Seven people were evacuated to the Broward Health Medical Center. According to emergency rescue personnel, these passengers from the boat that was engulfed in flames were treated for burns, bruises, and cuts.

In addition, two people suffered serious burns. They were taken to the Jackson Memorial Burn Unit in Miami. These passengers were reported to be in critical condition. Attending doctors at the burn center reported that the first 24 hours will be crucial for these patients and in determining their possible course of recovery.

Fire rescue boats immediately were dispatched to the scene. Firefighters spent about 90 minutes working to put out the fire on the watercraft.

Many questions remain regarding the Florida boat explosion. What is known as of Thursday evening is that a major explosion occurred on the boat which was followed by a smaller blast. The fire started immediately after the explosion, spreading rapidly across the boat. Within a matter of minutes, the watercraft was engulfed in flames.

A primary focus of investigators is on the cause of the explosion. As of the sunset on Thursday evening, there evidently had been no determination as to the cause of the explosion.

Beyond that, investigators are attempting to nail down why so many people were on the boat before the explosion. Concern about the number of people on the vessel suggests that there is a real question about the boat being overloaded.

There is also an outstanding question about what type of vessel was at the center of the Fort Lauderdale boat explosion. In other words, investigators currently are attempting to confirm whether the watercraft was privately owned or whether it was a charter owned by a cruising or touring company. Investigators hope to have this basic question and others answered during the coming 24 hours.

The names of people injured as a result of the explosion have yet to be released. None of the names of anyone else on the boat who escaped serious injuries have been released either.

Witnesses to the devastating incident described the vessel as being burnt to a crisp. Indeed, witnesses to the explosion and blaze made it clear that the boat was completely destroyed even before firefighters made it to the scene. As mentioned previously, firefighters were on hand within a matter of minutes.

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