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Two Workers Crushed at Minnesota Construction Site Accident

Investigation is underway regarding a fatal Minnesota construction site accident, a catastrophic incident that occurred in Harvey Township in Meeker County. Harvey Township is located just over an hour from Minneapolis. The construction site where the late-morning accident occurred is located in the 31700 block of Highway 22.

According to the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office, preliminary investigation confirms that a stabilizing platform designed to support a concrete boom truck gave way. The collapse of the stabilizing platform caused the boom to fall to the ground. Two workers at the Minnesota construction site were crushed by the boom.

A concrete boom is a type of concrete pump attached to a truck (as in this case) or to a semi-trailer. Concrete is pumped through the boom to targeted areas at a construction site.

Boom pumps most commonly are utilized at larger construction sites for a number of reasons. These include the fact that boom pumps are capable of pumping high volumes of concrete in a highly efficient manner.

Visually, a boom has the look of a “long arm” extending from the associated truck. Liquid concrete flows through the boom. A boom like that at the Minnesota construction site is largely a robotic mechanism.

There is an inherent danger associated with concrete booms and the vehicles on which they are transported. The design and weight of these contraptions can cause the entire apparatus to become unstable. A stabilizing platform is designed to provide more stability to a concrete boom and associated truck.

As mentioned a moment ago, in the case of the Minnesota construction site accident, the stabilizing platform gave way, causing the boom to collapse and fall onto two of the workers at the site. Investigators are attempting to ascertain whether or not the boom truck itself became unstable, causing or contributing to the collapse of the protective platform.

Different parties may be at fault for the fatal Minnesota construction site accident depending on how the concrete boom failure actually occurred. Potential responsible parties include, but are not limited to:

  • General contractor
  • Building or project owner
  • Manufacturer of boom truck
  • Party that assembled stabilizing platform

Because of the nature of the accident, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA is likely to launch an investigation as well. OSHA investigates workplace accidents, including construction site accidents of this nature.

Emergency personnel were immediately on the sign of the construction site accident. EMTs began life saving efforts on the two injured workers within minutes of the collapse. One of the injured workers was declared dead at the scene. The second worker was described as sustained “critical injuries.” He was airlifted to a medical center in St. Cloud.

Officials identified the construction site worker who was killed in the boom collapse accident as 34-year-old Sergio Esquivel Torres. The worker in critical condition has not been identified pending notification of family. The only piece of information about the severely injured worker is that he is 20 years old. No other workers appear to have been injured in the tragic incident.

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