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Bowling Green State University Fraternity Hazing Death Results in Multiple Charges

Bowling Green State University Pi Kappa Alpha faces allegations that the men’s Greek organization violated six provisions of the school’s Code of Student Conduct in the fraternity hazing death of 20-year-old sophomore Stone Foltz. Foltz is one of two Ohio university students killed in fraternity hazing incidents in that state in March 2021.

Specific Violations of Code of Student Conduct in Fraternity Hazing Death

The six provisions of the Code of Student Conduct in the fraternity Bowling Green State University Pi Kappa Alpha (also known as the PIKE fraternity) are alleged to have violated in the fraternity hazing death of Stone Foltz are:

  • Four counts of impermissible hazing
  • Offenses disrupting order or disregarding health and safety involving alcohol
  • Causing harm against others

In the aftermath of the announcement of the array of conduct violations in the fatal hazing incident made on April 3, 2021 by the university, the family of the deceased fraternity pledge issued a statement:

Stone Foltz died as a result of a senseless hazing ritual. While he wasn’t the first to suffer dire consequences at the hands of a fraternity, we are determined to make him the last. We are encouraged to see Bowling Green State University move swiftly to address Pi Kappa Alpha’s conduct. Given the facts, charging the fraternity with six Code of Student Conduct violations, including Harm to Others, multiple Hazing violations, and Organization Alcohol, is an easy decision that should lead to the fraternity’s expulsion. We also expect the individuals who participated in the hazing ritual to be held accountable. However, our ultimate goal is to get all university presidents to institute a zero-tolerance policy for any hazing activities. True zero tolerance means one hazing incident results in immediate fraternal expulsion. Proposed state and federal legislation are steps in the right direction but university presidents must make serious and significant changes to eliminate hazing from the culture.

Night of Bowling Green University Fraternity Hazing Death

Pledges and new members of the PIKE fraternity were provided multiple bottles of alcohol. The young men were coerced into drinking the entire contents of these bottles. At the same time, they were blindfolded and physically abused in the basement of the PIKE house.

Foltz lived outside of the PIKE house, as do some members of the organization. Following the hazing incident, Foltz was taken to his apartment and left. He was found sometime later by his apartment roommates in what is described as a “dire condition.”

The roommates called 911. The young man was transported to a nearby medical center where he died as a result of the actions associated with the fraternity hazing incident.

What’s Next in the Fraternity Hazing Investigation

Law enforcement is investigating whether any crimes have been committed in the death of Stone Foltz. The PIKE fraternity itself is suspended pending a resolution of the conduct code violations. A final adjudication on the matter is scheduled for April 13, 2021.

The fraternity in question had the option of accepting the allegations but thus far has refused to do so. Pi Kappa Alpha was given until April 6 to request an adjudication, which the evidently did immediately after the conduct code violations were issued by the university.

Legal Recourse for Fraternity Hazing

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