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Massive Ohio Paint Plant Explosion Accident Kills One, Injures at Least Eight

A mammoth explosion rocked Columbus, Ohio, early Thursday morning. A deadly explosion accident occurred during the pre-dawn hours at the Yenkin-Majestic Paints campus-like facility located in an industrial park in Columbus. The cause of the catastrophic fire and explosion at the paint plant has to be identified. By midday Thursday, the fire at the facility had been extinguished.

The Yenkin-Majestic Paints plant consisted of five separate buildings, the explosion and fire gutting one of them. Whether or not any major damage has occurred to any other buildings on the industrial campus has not yet been made public.

What has been verified is that there were other explosions that occurred following the initial blast. Most of those explosions occurred in the building where the fire initial started. At least one explosion is reported to have occurred in a second building that was located about 100 feet from the scene of the primary blast and fire. No specific information is available at the moment regarding the precise type of operations that occur in the building in which the initial explosion occurred.

40 employees were at work in the building in which the actual explosion and fire occurred. The remaining buildings at the complex were empty at the time of the blast. Evidently, none of the other buildings on the campus are staffed with overnight worker crews.

Two workers were buried rubble at the time of the devastating explosion. One of the workers was rescued in fairly short speed. That employee was rushed to an area hospital, joining seven other workers who have been hospitalized as a result of the Ohio paint plant explosion accident. The nature of the injuries of the employees transported to the hospital is not currently known. There medical status is not known either. There is no information as to whether any of the injured workers have yet been able to be released from the hospital.

A five-hour search and rescue mission ensued before the body of the second Yenkin-Majestic Paints worker was discovered. The deceased worker was the plant’s press room supervisor. Wendell Light was 44 years old.

As mentioned previously, the cause of the explosion and fire is not yet determined. With that said, the building in which the accident occurred houses an array of different types of flammable as well as potentially hazardous chemicals.

As of Thursday afternoon, investigators had yet to really begin work on identifying the underlying cause of the Ohio gas explosion accident. No timeline has been released for the investigation into the deadly blast.

Yenkin-Majestic Paints has a history of workplace safety violations. These include workplace safety violations that rose to the level of potentially causing worker death, according to a federal investigation of the company.

At this time, no information is yet available as to whether the deadly explosion that occurred at the Yenkin-Majestic Paints facility has any connection to prior workplace safety violations. If that proves to be the consequences, the company could face even more significant sanctions in the final analysis.

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