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Officials Monitor Air and Water Quality Following Huge Channelview Chemical Plant Accident

In the aftermath of the massive Channelview chemical plant accident, Harris County and State of Texas environmental officials are intensely monitoring air and water quality in the area surrounding the K-Solv facility. A huge fire erupted at the K-Solv chemical plant on Wednesday afternoon. When the blaze ignited, a mammoth, thick, black plume of smoke rose above the K-Solv plant and began to spread over Harris County.

The exact cause of the Channelview chemical plant accident is not yet known. The fire appears to have somehow started when a flammable, hazardous chemical (or set of chemicals) was being transferred from one container drum to another at the facility.

No one appears to have been seriously injured or killed as the result of the accident. One worker was taken to an area hospital with respiratory issues, but the individual appears to have been released from the medical center.

The plume of smoke was so thick, so substantial, that it was picked up on Doppler radar. Smoke plumes are rarely so intense that they are identified by these weather tracking systems.

Despite governmental agencies and the K-Solv company itself maintaining that they were “on top” of the response to an incident that may prove to have caused environmental issues, a full two hours lapsed before any information was made available about the contents of chemicals that had burst into flames at the facility.

This failure to release information on the contents that were burning hampered the efforts of firefighters. Not knowing what they were dealing with and recognizing that water might not be an appropriate resource to battle the horrific blaze, firefighters were left working to contain the blaze in hopes it would burn itself out sooner rather than later.

The lack of a timely release of information about what was burning also resulted in a lack of data regarding the contents of the massive plume of thick black smoke spreading over homes and businesses in Harris County. Ultimately, out of concern for the immediate health and wellbeing of people under the spreading black smoke plume, a stay in place order was issued for the area. The stay in place order has been recalled as the smoke dissipated over time.

As of Thursday morning, come of the contents of the smoke plume are finally known. According to the Fire Marshal’s office, some these the hazardous chemicals in the smoke plume include:

  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Acetone
  • Ethanol
  • Ethylene dichloride
  • Various other acids

The Fire Marshal’s office has made it clear that there likely are additional dangerous chemicals contained in the smoke that have yet to be identified.

Environmental officials are monitoring air, soil, and water in the area impacted by the Channelview chemical plant accident smoke plume. There is no indication as to how long this monitoring will occur.

The latest chemical plant accident in Harris County appears to cause officials, the media, and others to focus on the recurring problem of toxic substances being released into the air, soil, and water as the result of explosions, fires, and other types of industrial accidents. Multiple chemical plant accidents, industrial accidents, fires, and other types of accidents occur multiple time in Harris County each and every year.

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