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Semi-Truck Accident on “Old Mississippi Bridge” Outside Baton Rouge Kills Child

A semi-truck accident that occurred on what is known as Old Mississippi Bridge, located outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana, resulted in the death of a child and injuries to an unspecified number of others. Some of these victims were transported to area hospitals and are expected to survive. A handful of injured people refused medical attention.

Witnesses indicate that the semi-truck moved onto the rather narrow bridge at what is being described as a “high rate of speed.” Indeed, witnesses have indicated that they felt that at the rate of speed the big rig moved onto the bridge, slowing down in the event of an emergency would prove impossible. The belief of the witnesses regarding an ability to safely slow down proved to be true.

The Louisiana semi-truck accident currently remains under investigation. What is known at the moment is that a commercial truck driven by a man named Marlin Jordan is the vehicle identified as entering onto the Old Mississippi Bridge at a high rate of speed. The semi in question collided with a vehicle in which the now-deceased child was a passenger. The impact was catastrophic and resulted in the child’s death.

The impact between the speeding semi-truck and the initial vehicle resulted in a chain reaction crash. At least 16 vehicles were involved in the multi-vehicle accident that stretched over a quarter of a mile.

The Louisiana semi accident victims that went to the hospital were reported to have sustained moderate injuries. The fact that more people didn’t sustain more severe injuries is surprising. Typically, when a semi-truck causes an accident, the extent of injuries sustained by people in passenger vehicles typically are far more significant.

The initial investigation has also resulted in the driver of the rig that caused the Louisiana semi-truck accident being criminally charged. Specifically, the driver has been charged with negligent homicide.

In announcing the criminal charges, Trooper First Class Taylor Scrantz of the Louisiana Highway Patrol stated: “After conducted and thorough investigation and reviewing all the evidence, we were able to determine that (the big rig driver’s) actions leading up to the crash were negligent.”

As mentioned previously, a comprehensive investigation into the Louisiana semi-truck accident is not completed. An element of this endeavor focusing on the state and design of the bridge itself is apt to continue for what may prove to be an extended period of time.

Over the course of the past three to four years, there have been 10 wrecks on the Old Mississippi Bridge. These accidents have been of varying severity. The accident rate on this bridge has raised red flags about its design and overall status.

The Director of the Louisiana Department of Transportation has addressed the investigation into the structure and history of the bridge. According to the Director, his agency will make an assessment of all accident that occurred on or even near the bridge. The Director indicated that he believes this recent Old Mississippi Bridge semi-truck accident is first fatal incident. Nonetheless, he made it clear that with the frequency of wrecks on the bridge, including more significant ones, is indicative of the likely need for changes to be made.

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