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21 Students Disciplined by Bowling Green State University in Fraternity Hazing Death

Stone Foltz was killed in an alcohol-fueled fraternity hazing incident at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in March of this year. The deadly fraternity hazing that took the life of the 20-year-old man was perpetrated by Phi Kappa Alpha, also known as PIKE. BGSU administration announced on Friday that after an extensive investigation into the fatal affair, 21 members of PIKE have been disciplined and sanctioned.

Sanctions Imposed on Individual Phi Kappa Alpha Members

BGSU has conducted what is described as a thorough investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding the death of Stone Foltz. As a result of that inquiry, the university has taken the following action in regard to members of PIKE based on the level of their culpability in the death of Foltz:

  • Three PIKE members have been expelled permanently from the university. (This is may have been something of a moot point because these same individuals are facing criminal prosecution for crimes associated with the deadly fraternity hazing.)
  • 17 students have been suspended from BGSU for terms that range from three years to eight years. (Arguably, suspensions of this length are akin to expulsion, particularly for those students who have been suspended for longer periods of time.)
  • One student received a deferred suspension.

The university administration released a statement at the time the report of its investigation into the fraternity hazing death was made public. The statement explained the rationale in the actions taken:

At the beginning of the investigation into the incidents involving the tragic death of student Stone Foltz, BGSU committed to a fair, thorough and accountable disciplinary process. Today, the University has concluded that process. All 21 students charged were found responsible for a total of 83 violations of the BGSU Code of Student Conduct, including hazing, harm to and endangering others and furnishing alcohol.

The report outlines a comprehensive and strategic framework to enhance our efforts to combat hazing, including a zero-tolerance policy and reinforced partnerships with law enforcement. It integrates independent recommendations from DYAD Strategies and is aligned with the Inter-University Council of Ohio’s Anti-Hazing Principles, which BGSU developed and co-led, and the recently passed Collin’s Law.

Our work to strengthen the health and safety of our community – and our promise to Stone – continues. This report will serve as our path forward in this critical effort. BGSU will continue to take all necessary measures to eradicate hazing, and we will work with our peers, the Foltz family and anyone who shares in that mission.

The referenced Collin’s Law is named after yet another Ohio university student who was killed in a fraternity hazing recently.

Fatal Fraternity Hazing Ritual Described

During the investigation, the specifics of the fraternity hazing ritual that ultimately resulted in the death of Stone Foltz was described:

  • PIKE fraternity brothers coerced or forced those subject to the fraternity hazing ritual to drink a “handle” of alcohol. A handle of alcohol is a 1.75 liter bottle.
  • The amount of translates into 60 1-ounce shots of alcohol. A standard shot typically is 1-ounce of hard liquor. In some settings, a 1.5-ounce shot is fairly common. If that is the size of a shot, that still translates to 40 shots.
  • The young men subjected to this fraternity hazing ritual at BGSU were given a specified period of time to complete drinking this huge (and, in this instance, deadly) quantity of alcohol.

Foltz was taken back to his apartment following the hazing ritual. Despite clearly being in need of medical attention, the fraternity brothers did not seek appropriate assistance for the young man in a timely manner.

Legal Rights Following a Fraternity Hazing Wrongful Death

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