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Andrew Cuomo Resigns

UPDATE: After initially writing this blog post, Andrew Cuomo announced he was resigning in the aftermath of sexually harassment scandal. 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has hunkered down and appears to have no intention of resigning amidst accusations that he sexually harassed 11 women, including close aides. Cuomo faces a number threats to his political life that include:

  • Looming possible impeachment
  • Potential criminal investigations in multiple jurisdictions
  • Prospect that more women may come forward with accusations of sexual harassment or even sexual assault

Widespread Calls for Impeachment

A considerable number of elected officials in New York and from other quarters are calling for the impeachment of Governor Cuomo. These include:

  • Approximately 66 percent of members of the New York Assembly (the lower house in the Legislature)
  • 63 members of the Senate
  • Other state elected officials are calling for Cuomo to resign or for his impeachment
  • Elected officials on the federal level and in other states are also calling for Cuomo to resign or for his impeachment

Some members of the New York Legislature are calling for the start of impeachment proceedings within the next few days. Others want about a month to start the impeachment process. If the Assembly votes to impeach the Governor, at least one month must pass before the Senate can commence the impeachment trial.

Unlike the impeachment of the U.S. President, in New York if the Assembly impeaches the Governor, the Lt. Governor automatically takes the role of Acting Governor during the impeachment proceedings. If the Governor is not convicted during the Senate trial, the Governor once again assumes his executive authority. If he is convicted in the impeachment trial, the Lt. Governor assumes the office of Governor.

Criminal Complaint Filed Against Cuomo

One criminal complaint has been filed to date against Cuomo. A female executive assistant has accused Cuomo of groping or sexually assaulting her. She specifically alleges that Cuomo slipped his hand into her shirt and fondled her breasts. If Cuomo ends up charged in regard to this particular complaint, it appears the crime would rise to the level of a misdemeanor and not a felony.

There is speculation that other criminal complaints may be forthcoming from alleged victims of the New York Governor. A total of five local prosecutors have begun inquiries into Cuomo’s alleged conduct in their jurisdictions that might amount to criminal conduct. There is no specific timeframe as to when they might make determinations as to whether Cuomo should be charged with a crime.

Investigation by State Attorney General

The current rush of activity surrounding accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault issues surrounding Andrew Cuomo are the result of the release of an investigation report by New York Attorney General into the Governor’s conduct. The investigation resulted in a report of over 100 pages addressing the Governor’s alleged conduct in regard to multiple women.

Through his attorneys, Cuomo has blasted the findings of the Attorney General. His lawyers indicate that they will provide a full response to the accusations made about the Governor’s alleged conduct. No specific time frame has been set forth by the Governor and his legal team in regard when a more comprehensive statement will be released in regard to the accusations being made about him.

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