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Catastrophic Chandler Printshop Explosion Leaves Four Severely Injured

A dramatic, catastrophic explosion devastated a print ship in the Phoenix suburb of Chandler on Thursday, leaving four people hospitalized in serious to critical condition. The explosion occurred at the business located near Rural and Ray Roads. The explosion not only destroyed the print shop but rocked homes and other buildings in the vicinity of the blast.

Severe Injuries Sustained by Chandler Print Shop Explosion Accident Victims

All four of the Chandler print shop explosion accident victims have been identified as young men. They were all transported to the Arizona Burn Center at Valleywise Health.

Information about the status of the four men remains a bit limited. Their names have not been released pending notification of their families. What is known is that:

  • The blast victims appear to have suffered primarily second-degree burns, primarily over their legs, arms, and hands.
  • The injuries to the explosion victims are described as “propane flash burns.”
  • Two of the explosion accident victims remain in the intensive care unit in critical condition.
  • Two of the Chandler explosion accident victims are in serious condition.
  • The blast victims sustained burn injuries from 16 to 30 percent of their bodies.
  • A spokesperson for the Arizona Burn Unit advises that all four men are expected to recover.

The Director of the Arizona Burn Center, Dr. Kevin Foster, has commented on the injuries sustained by the four men and their medical status. “It’s amazing to me anyone walked out of that (the Chandler explosion accident) alive. It’s really baffling that this explosion of this magnitude and injuries were not worse than they are.”

Large-Scale Emergency Response to Chandler Explosion Accident

The explosion occurred at Platinum Printing at about 9:30 a.m. on August 26, 2021. The Chandler explosion accident resulted in a massive response by emergency personnel. Over 50 emergency vehicles from seven different departments responded to the scene of the Phoenix-metro area explosion. Over 100 emergency personnel were involved in the operation.

Emergency personnel were quick to the scene. Having said that, by the time they arrived at the Chandler explosion location, the roof of the building had already collapsed and the structure was fully engulfed in fierce flames.

As mentioned a moment ago, not only did the explosion destroy the building that contained a printing business but it appears to have had ramifications to residences and homes in the surrounding area. Immediately after the Chandler print shop explosion, a broad evacuation order issued. 15 businesses and about 30 homes in the vicinity of the explosion were evacuated. The evacuation also included a branch library and a preschool.

Investigation Into Cause of Phoenix Area Explosion

As of Thursday morning, the cause of the Chandler explosion accident had not been identified. An investigation is underway to confirm the cause of the blast. There is preliminary speculation that an underground gas pipeline leak may be the cause of the blast. There is no indication as of this time when the more information will be available from investigators.

The local natural gas utility company, Southwest Gas, is assisting with the investigation. Southwest Gas has issued a brief statement in the aftermath of the Maricopa County explosion accident:

Southwest Gas is aware of an incident in the area of Ray Road and Rural Road in Chandler, Arizona. Safety is our top priority and our crews have turned gas off to the area and are working with first responders to ensure the area is safe and secure. Our hearts are with those who were injured by this incident and we thank first responders for their quick response.

Your Legal Rights After an Explosion Accident

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