La Porte LyondellBasell Explosion Lawyer to File Lawsuits in Chemical Plant Catastrophe

Jimmy Doan of The Doan Law Firm announced that he and his team of lawyers will file lawsuits on behalf of victims of the La Porte LyondellBasell explosion accident that occurred last week at a plant outside Houston. Two workers were killed and over 30 were injured in the devastating mass casualty incident that involved an uncontrolled leak of over 100,000 pounds of acetic acid. The fatal catastrophe left dozens of workers running for their lives.

“Our firm has learned that the leak at the La Porte LyondellBasell chemical plant appears to have been completely preventable,” attorney Jimmy Doan explained. Doan announced his firm was proceeding with lawsuits in the next few days on behalf of victims of the La Porte LyondellBasell tragedy. “We’ve learned that LyondellBasell evidently identified the leak earlier in the day, before the massive deadly chemical release occurred. In other words, management at the La Porte LyondellBasell appears to have had every opportunity to repair the problem before worker’s were killed and severely injured. With this appearing to be the case, the company has shown an utter disregard for the welfare and wellbeing of its workers.”

As of Sunday afternoon, neither investigators nor officials from LyondellBasell have provided specific information about how the leak originated in the first instance. Moreover, the company itself has offered no explanation explaining why it knew of the dangerous situation but failed to take appropriate action to protect the lives of its workers and independent contractors.

“Now that my firm is stepping in, we will be able to undertake our own thorough investigation into what occurred at the La Porte LyondellBasell chemical plant,” Doan said.

The Doan Law Firm is headquartered in Houston, with 39 other offices located in Texas and throughout the United States. “While we most definitely are a local Houston firm, we also have the ability to draw on resources from across the United States when we are called upon to protect and pursue the rights of our clients.”

With a history of representing victims of chemical plant explosions, refinery explosions, and other events like the La Porte LyondellBasell chemical plant calamity, Doan expressed dismay for what appears to be a particular egregious disregard of human life and worker safety demonstrated in this incident.

“While we are only just beginning our work on these cases involving La Porte LyondellBasell chemical plant accident clients, I’m hard-pressed thinking of a similar situation in which a company has been so seemingly callous about the health, wellbeing, and very lives of the men and women on its workforce,” Doan said.

The Doan Law Firm set up a 24-hour hotline following the La Porte LyondellBasell chemical plant explosion. An injured worker or family member can connect any time with a La Porte LyondellBasell chemical plant explosion lawyer by calling (832) 835-0000. The La Porte LyondellBasell explosion attorney telephone line is staffed every day of the week.

A no obligation, no cost consultation can be scheduled with an experienced La Porte LyondellBasell explosion lawyer at the Doan Law offices located at:

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In addition, an appointment can be scheduled at a person’s home, the hospital, or any other location comfortable and convenient for an injured worker and family. The Doan Law Firm can also arrange a virtual consultation with a caring, committed La Porte LyondellBasell explosion lawyer online as will.

The Doan Law Firm makes an attorney fee guarantee to clients. The Doan Law Firm never charges an attorney fee unless the legal team wins the case for a client. “Our entire firm is committed to fighting tirelessly on behalf of the victims of the La Porte LyondellBasell chemical plant accident, the LyondellBasell explosion,” Doan said. “Our commitment is to getting justice during these very, very difficult times.”