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Large Hockley Industrial Fire Sparks Immediate Evacuations

A large fire of currently unknown origins caused an industrial facility outside Hockley to go up in flames mid-morning on Saturday. The Hockley industrial fire resulted in the release of a sizable and growing plume of black smoke, spreading over the facility and the surrounding area. The substances or chemicals involved in the Hockley industrial fire have not yet been identified. However, officials from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office believe that the smoke plume contains toxic substances.

Firefighters from multiple departments have been dispatched to the scene of the blaze. The structure is described as large and there currently is no information on who may have been inside the facility at the time the fire broke out. Roads in the surrounding area are being blocked off to all traffic but for emergency personnel and law enforcement.

Immediate Evacuation Ordered

With the seemingly toxic smoke plume growing, and the Hockley industrial fire not under control, officials have ordered the immediate evacuation of homes, business, and other locations a half mile radius around the blazing plant. The burning facility is located at the 17300 block of Premium Drive near Hockley.

Hockley itself is an unincorporated community in Harris County. It is located about a half an hour from downtown Houston. Depending on prevailing wind patterns and the length of time the fire burns the possibility does exist that the seemingly toxic smoke cloud fairly easily will reach Houston proper.

Status Inside Facility

As of midmorning, information about is going on inside the facility as a result of the large fire is unclear. As of yet, there is no information available on whether any workers have been injured at the facility.

Very little is also known about the cause of the blaze. There is some very preliminary information that some type of large furnace malfunctioned or otherwise involved a fire that went out of control.

There is a growing number of different types of emergency vehicles on the scene. However, as the noon hour approached, there is no information about anyone being taken to the hospital as a result of the fire. This is noted with a word of caution. As noted previously, there simply is no available information about who may have been inside the facility when the fire broke out Saturday morning.

Hockley Industrial Facility in Railyard

The burning Hockley industrial plant is located in the midst of a railyard. The railyard itself appears to be quite congested. Most alarming is the fact that the building currently ablaze is situated directly next to what appears to be rows of tanker cars in the railyard.

While there is no information currently available about the contents of the tanker cars, the reality is that these types of conveyances oftentimes carry toxic and flammable materials. If that is the case, and it certainly is a possibility and a concern to officials, the risks associated with the Hockley industrial fire increase significantly.

Protecting Your Home, Family, Business in an Emergency Situation

If you’re concerned about the impact of the developing situation in Harris country stemming from the Hockley industrial fire, The Doan Law Firm is offering an around the clock telephone hotline to provide you answers to questions and concerns. The Hockley industrial fire lawyer hotline is available day in and day out at (832) 835-0000.

As your neighbors in Harris County, the members of our firm, including our Hockley industrial fire lawyer team, share in your concerns about the developing situation. Our offices are located in the heart of Houston at:

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Suite 2500

Houston, Texas 77056

(832) 835-0000

Understanding how alarming and confusing a developing situation like this can be, a Hockley industrial fire lawyer is available to you at our offices or at any other location that is convenient for you. We can also arrange a video session online with you. There is no cost and no obligation to anyone that desires more information about legal issues and related matters that are associated with the developing situation in Harris County.

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