At Least Six Amazon Workers Dead in Catastrophic Tornado

What is being described as a barrage of tornadoes ravaged six states on December 10, 2021, in multiple Midwest and Southern states. The deadly devastation extended over an area that stretched more than 200 miles. Edwardsville, Illinois is part of that path of destruction, including an Amazon delivery station in that community. At least six Amazon workers were killed in the catastrophic tornado that struck that city.

Tornado Hits Edwardsville Amazon Station at 8:28 in the Night

Tornado warnings sounded between 8:06 and 8:26 on the night of December 10 in an area that included the Edwardsville Amazon delivery station. The deadly tornado struck the building at 8:27 p.m. The warning came to the workers via their mobile devices. The tornado evidently pulverized the building over the course of between four to five deadly minutes.

Early reports from the site of the Edwardsville Amazon delivery station indicate that managers at the facility directed workers to shelter in bathrooms. At least one worker is known to have been killed in the tornado while sheltering in a bathroom as directed by Amazon management.

Shareholders Call for Audit of Amazon Safety Procedures

In the aftermath of the deadly tornado at the Edwardsville Amazon delivery station, a group of Amazon shareholders are calling for an audit of the company’s safety procedures. Specifically, Domini Impact Investments has filed a resolution to be taken up at the company’s next shareholders meeting. The resolution provides in part:

As Amazon strives to be 'the Earth's Safest Place to Work,' a review is needed of the practices that have made the company a leader in workplace injuries and a target for criticism and regulation," the resolution says, according to The Verge. "With surveillance and productivity quotas linked to high injury rates, we urge Amazon to commission an independent audit of these practices.

A representative of the investment group explained the underlying rationale for the resolution:

(An audit is needed to) understand the way in which employee productivity metrics and surveillance contribute to a less safe and stable work environment. (An audit is needed to) produce corporate policy changes that make workplaces safer for associates and cement Amazon as the industry leader in health and safety it states it wants to be.

The next shareholders meeting is not scheduled until May 2022. The investment group has indicated that it hopes Amazon takes up this issue before mid-year 2022.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Launches Investigation

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, has launched a comprehensive investigation into the aftermath and effects of the tornado at the Edwardsville Amazon delivery station. There is no indication as of this time regarding how long the OSHA investigation is expected to last.

Legal Rights Following the Edwardsville Amazon Delivery Station Tornado

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