Devastating Fort Worth Highway Accident Death Toll Increases

The number of people killed in a catastrophic Fort Worth highway accident has climbed to six as of Thursday night, the same day over 130 vehicles violently collided on Interstate 35. Dozens of people were evacuated to area hospitals, a considerable number of individuals in critical condition.

Rush to Rescue Fort Worth Highway Accident Victims

As of later in the day on Thursday, emergency personnel were still extracted people from the entangled wreckage of cars, SUVs, semi-trucks, and other vehicles. EMTs were struggling to free people from the mangled metal of dozens and dozens of vehicles, in part motivated by the cold temperatures. Emergency personnel were deeply concerned that the frigid prevailing weather conditions would cause trapped accident victims to suffer hypothermia, with the prospect of even more people dying.

As of Thursday afternoon, 65 people had been transported to hospitals. That number was expected to rise throughout the remainder of the day as efforts to free trapped, injured motorists continued apace.

High Percentage Number of Healthcare Workers Involved in Texas Highway Accident

As the day pressed on and emergency medical personnel tended to the injured, a startling fact became clear. A considerable percentage of the individuals involved in the Fort Worth highway accident were healthcare workers of different types. These accident victims were still wearing scrubs and their hospital badges. The chain-reaction accident happened at a point in time at which frontline hospital workers were on the road after completing what oftentimes are 12-hour shifts at Fort Worth hospitals.

Accident victims also included four police officers. Three were on their way to work when the mammoth multi-vehicle accident occurred. One officer was part of the search and rescue effort and was injured during that effort and hospitalized.

As of Friday morning, the names of people killed in the accident and injured individuals had not been released to the media or public. Officials have indicated that announcements regarding Fort Worth highway accident victims would be made after families had been notified.

Causes of Fort Worth Highway Accident

The investigation into the underlying causes of the deadly Texas highway accident has not yet begun in earnest. Search and rescue was still ongoing throughout later on Thursday.

With that said, weather obviously played a role in the chain reaction, multi-vehicle catastrophe. A reporter for the Weather Channel at the scene of the “domino effect” collision stated: “It looks like a couple of vehicles lost control, and when that happened, everything just piled up behind them.” The observation of the seasoned reported was backed up by tentative commentary from emergency workers at the scene as well.

Full-On Search and Rescue at the Scene

An intense search and rescue operation was rapidly in place at the scene of the Fort Worth highway collision. With a few hours of the incident, a vast array of rescue and emergency personnel were at the scene, including:

  • 26 fire department vehicles
  • 80 police cars
  • Multiple ambulances moving in and out of the accident site

Contracted Private Company Failed to Treat Roadway

The state of Texas had contracted with a private company to treat the roadway with salt and sand prior to the Thursday morning Fort Worth highway accident. The name of that company has not yet been released by Texas Department of Transportation officials. The Texas Legislature has already launched an investigation into how this failure could have occurred.

Assistance for People Involved in the Fort Worth Texas Highway Accident and Their Families

The Fort Worth Office of Emergency Management established a family reunification center for victims of the massive roadway collision and their loved ones. The Doan Law Firm has a Fort Worth highway accident hotline at (817) 935-0000. The hotline is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including major holidays (like upcoming Presidents Day on February 15).

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