Estes Park Explosion Accident Injures Three at Elkins Distillery in Colorado Resort Community

2020 was a tough year for Estes Park, with a wildfire nearly destroying the community. 2021 is off to rocky start with a Saturday morning explosion at a local business. The Estes Park explosion accident occurred at around 8:30 in the morning at the Elkins Distillery in the Colorado resort community. Elkins Distillery is located just off of U.S. Highway 34, the major thoroughfare through Estes Park.

Three people have been taken to the hospital due to injuries sustained because of the Estes Park explosion accident. Initial reports failed to identify the injured individuals as employees of Elkins Distillery or members of the general public. The distillery is open to the public.

As the morning wore on, the trio of people injured in the blast appear to be employees of Elkins Distillery. Having noted that, of a couple of hours following the powerful blast, there has been no confirmation that the injured individuals are employees of the company. Additionally, no one from the hospital, Elkins Distillery, or first responders have indicated the medical condition of the injured people. Their names have not been released.

The Estes Park Police Department has asked that everyone stay clear of the Elkins Distillery and the area around North Lake Avenue and Raven Avenue in the town. Both the fire and police departments are involved in the investigation of the Estes Park distillery explosion accident at this time. The fact that the police are assisting in the investigation is not necessarily indicative of foul play being suspected in the blast. Police officials routinely provide support and assistance in explosion accident investigations.

The explosion occurred in an area of the facility where the actually distilling of spirits occurs. A spokesperson for the Estes Valley Fire Protection District reported:

“The back ceiling came down, making it dicey as far as getting people in to fight the fire. We [Fire Department personnel] made a search to make sure no other people were inside and we put the fire out. The rear of the building is compromised.” Officials are confidents that all personnel (and others) have been accounted for following the distillery explosion.

In addition to distilling spirits at the site, Elkins Distillery also operates a public “tasting room” where guests can enjoy craft cocktails featuring the company’s products. The tasting room was not open at the time of the explosion. The possibility does exist that a tour of the facility could have been ongoing at the time of the explosion. This possibility is why a question remains as to who exactly was injured in the blast.

An investigation has been initiated into the cause of the Estes Park distillery explosion accident. No information is yet available as to who or what agencies will be involved in the investigation. Elkins Distillery itself has not yet released a statement at about the explosion. With that said, very little time has yet elapsed since the incident itself.

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