Explosion Accident May Have Contributed to Collapse of Historic Pittsburgh Building

Pittsburgh Public Safety officials report that witnesses believe that an explosion accident may have contributed to what thus far is the partial collapse of an historic building on the South Side of Pittsburgh late Monday, February 9, 2021. An intense fire at the premises started just after 3:00 p.m. The investigation into the cause of the massive four-alarm fire that destroyed the building that housed the South Side Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center, a barber shop, and multiple apartments is ongoing.

As of Tuesday morning, Pittsburgh Public Safety reported that preliminary analysis of the fire scene indicates that an explosion accident in fact may have contributed to the building collapse, but not the initial blaze at the scene. Officials from the agency report that an explosion appear to have occurred underneath the sidewalk in front of the portion of the building that collapsed while firefighters battled the conflagration. The hypothesis among investigators at the moment is that water from the firefighting efforts seeped underneath the sidewalk and somehow doused electrical wiring. This caused the wiring to spark and what appears to have been an explosion occurred.

The investigation into the initial cause of the fire that destroyed the Victorian Era structure has commenced. With that said, there is no information as of this time regarding the underlying cause of the fire. The blaze appears to have started on the upper floors of the building. As mentioned, part of the building collapsed at the time of what is said to have been an explosion. Officials were concerned throughout the day that the rest of the building was in imminent danger of collapse. The morning following the fire, concerns about the complete collapse of the structure had not abated.

No serious injuries were reported in the direct aftermath of the fire and possible explosion accident. With that said, residents who had apartments in the building have lost their homes and possessions.

Directly after the fire started and emergency personnel arrived at the scene, buildings in the immediate vicinity of the structure were evacuated. In addition, the area around the fire was cordoned off. Officials expressed concern about people in the vicinity being injured by falling debris. In addition, because of the initial explosion, emergency responders were concerned that a similar blast could occur while an attempt was made to bring the blaze under control. People were allowed access back into the area Monday night.

In order to ensure that no one was left in the building, firefighters made their way into the structure. They were able to make their way to the third floor for the four-story building until they were forced to retreat due to the intensity of the blaze. Ultimately, all people thought to be in the building at the time of the fire and subsequent explosion were accounted for by emergency personnel.

The building is located on East Carson Street in a popular historic district in the City of Pittsburgh. The area is renowned as being a prime example of extraordinary Victorian architecture as exhibited in multiple buildings in the neighborhood.

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