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LA World Trade Center Explosion Critically Injures Two Workers

A Los Angeles Explosion sent two workers from that city’s World Trade Center to the hospital in critical condition. The LA World Trade Center explosion occurred at 360 South Flower Street on Thursday. The names of the workers have not been released pending notification of family.

An actual investigation into the precise cause of the Los Angeles explosion has yet to commence. Witnesses to the blast report that the LA World Trade Center explosion involved electrical equipment. The equipment was located on the loading dock of the commercial building.

At this time, little is known about the seriously injured workers. What is available is that they were not employees of any business in the building nor were they employed by the local energy company. They are independent contractors of some work, although their employer either hasn’t been confirmed or, if known, hasn’t been released to the media and the general public.

As of noon on Thursday, no other injuries have been reported. Additionally, no information, if any, has been made available pertaining to any possible damage to the building itself. Overall, normal operations at the LA World Trade Center were resuming in the afternoon following the explosion.

While an explosion has been reported to have occurred, early information coming from the medical center where the workers were taken indicate that the blast itself may not be the primary causes of the injuries they sustained. Rather, the workers appear to be in critical condition because of what are being called by some officials “electrical injuries.” Electrical injuries can include burns and other types of trauma, including internal organ damages.

In addition to emergency medical personnel and the fire department, representatives from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power have been dispatched to the World Trade Center. According to officials at the scene, the immediate task of Department of Water and Power has been to deenergize electrical equipment at the scene.

As is the case with many explosion accidents, the ongoing investigation may reveal that a number of parties bear responsibility for what has happening. Depending on the facts and circumstances of the case at hand, responsible individuals may include the building owner, the employer of the independent contractor working at the scene, even the local power or energy company.

The reality is the explosion accident insurance claims and explosion accident lawsuits represent highly complicated legal matters. A layperson without a legal background can find his or her self hard pressed trying to accurately prepare a claim. For this reason, engaging the services of a seasoned explosion accident lawyer is imperative. Not only do they understand the legal essentials, but they are well-versed in identifying all potentially responsible parties.

They also understand how to take on a massive insurance company with only one major primary priority. A typical insurance company is in business for one primary reason – making money for their shareholders. More money is made for shareholders when an insurance company holds down the amount of money expended on insurance claim settlements.

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