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Multiple Children Injured in Bizarre Denver School Bus Accident

As if the challenges of returning to school in the midst of a global pandemic isn’t enough for students, teachers, and parents, multiple children in Denver sustained injuries in a bizarre school bus accident during the last week of January. Students on the bus are part of the HOPE Online Learning Academy. Although primarily an online school, students do participate in learning experiences each week in the brick and mortar world at a community-based Learning Center.

In the immediate aftermath of the Denver school bus accident, multiple children did sustain injuries, although none of them were life-threatening. An unspecified number of children were transported directly from the scene of the collision. Other students were picked up from the site of the Denver school bus accident and were taken to local hospitals by their parents for examination.

On some level, the Denver school bus accident is more of an “in the wrong place at the wrong time” situation than is the case with many vehicle collisions. In this case, the school bus was traveling down the roadway as the same time a pair of automobiles were involved in a highspeed chase with one another.

As the school bus was lawfully making its way through an intersection, the two cars involved in an illicit highspeed chase illegally crossed into the intersection against directional signals. One of the vehicles T-boned the school bus. The impact between the speeding automobile and the bus was so severe that the school but pitched over on its side. Fortunately, no one on the school bus was killed in the violent collision.

People inside the speeding vehicle that collided with the bus ran from the scene. A pair of passersby who witnessed the incident took chase for the people in the vehicle that caused the accident.

At one point, the witnesses caught up with one of the people from the offending vehicle. The individual who had once been in the speeding vehicle punched the witness in the face. Nonetheless, the witnesses continued their pursuit of the individuals responsible for the accident. Ultimately, one of the people who had been in the vehicle that ran the intersection and collided with the school bus pulled a gun on the witnesses. Understandably, at this juncture and in fear for their lives, the witnesses gave up their pursuit of the lawbreakers. As of the weekend of the beginning of February, the individuals involved in the highspeed chase and that caused the Denver school bus accident had not been publicly identified or captured by law enforcement.

One of the witnesses to the whole affair gave a succinct description of the school bus accident. “It was a tremendous collision. He T-boned the van. Knocked it over. The van slid across the street. It was a horrific scene with kids out on the curb crying.”

A parent with a child injured in a school bus accident undoubtedly has many concerns and questions. If you’ve had a child injured in a Denver school bus accident, or that type of collision anywhere in the United States, The Doan Law Firm legal team is here for you. If your family member was a victim of a Denver school bus accident, you can reach our firm any time of the day or night by calling (720)744-0000. Our offices in Denver are located conveniently at:

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