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NYC Explosion Accident Sends Nine People to Hospital, Six Children Among Injured

A powerful NYC explosion rocked a Bronx apartment building Thursday evening, sending at least nine people to area hospitals. Six of the victims of the NYC explosion accident are children. At least two of the people transported to the hospital currently are listed in critical condition. One adult and one child are those listed in critical condition as of Friday morning.The names of the three adults and six children injured in the blast have not yet been released to the public.

FDNY personnel have indicated that the injury count may grow higher. As of early Friday morning, no fatalities had been reported from what is thought to have been an explosion caused by a gas leak at the multi-residence building. The NYC explosion appears to have occurred on the second floor of the three-story structure.

The Bronx explosion was so powerful that it blew at least one door a considerable distance from the building and into neighboring powerlines. The blast rocked nearby residences as well. FDNY investigators are concerned about the overall stability of the apartment building where the blast originated.

As an aside, the complex where the explosion occurred is being alternately described as an apartment building and a condominium building. The complex is located in East Bronx in the area of Paulding Avenue and Poplar Street. Members of the public have been asked to avoid the location to permit FDNY personnel and other investigators an opportunity to complete their work at the blast site.

Multiple units in the building have been damaged as a result of the gas explosion. Officials have not yet determined whether or not the entire structure has been destabilized as a result of the powerful blast. As a consequence, all residents of the building have been evacuated, some now in a shelter a Red Cross shelter.

One of the most dramatic scenes of the NYC explosion accident involved a mother of a six-month-old baby. Directly after the explosion, and out of the mother’s fear that she would not be able to reach safety on the ground following the blast, the woman tossed her baby to a person outside of the building. The child was safely caught and is uninjured. Ultimately, the mother was able to evacuate the building to safety. The mother does not appear to among the individuals injured in the blast.

Of the nine people injured in the Bronx explosion accident, eight of the victims were residences of the apartment building. One FDNY rescue worker was injured at the scene. He was admitted to a local hospital. His injuries have been classified as relatively minor as of this time.

In addition to members of the FDNY launching an investigation at the scene, the New York City Department of Buildings has sent investigators to the building as well. The investigation into the precise cause of the accident may take some time. However, these officials do think that some sort of gas line rupture is responsible for the NYC apartment building explosion.

As of Friday, officials have indicated that there doesn’t appear to have been any report of a natural gas leak before the explosion. With that said, and as has been noted, the investigation into the cause of the devastating explosion has only just begun.

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