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Residential Explosion Accident Traced to Defective Gas Meter Inside Home

Every year across the United States, a shocking number of people are injured in explosion accidents of different types. These include gas explosion accidents that leave innocent people seriously and even fatally injured. Unfortunately, a pervasive underlying cause of explosion accidents is aged or defective gas service equipment, including pipelines and even meters. One such alarming gas accident of this nature involved a serious blast in a private residence in Baltimore. The explosion impacted not only immediate residence but other homes on the block as well.

Six people were transported to area hospitals as a result of the gas explosion. These include two adult women, one of whom was pregnant, two adult men, and two very young children. They were all hospitalized for various types of injuries, none of them life-threatening.

In addition to significant damage to the residence at which the gas explosion actually occurred, six other homes on the block where the accident occurred also sustained damage. Specific information about the nature and extent of the damage to the seven residences involved in the gas explosion accident is still in the process of being fully calculated.

The fire resulting from the explosion brought firefighters from across the city of Baltimore to the scene. When the fire was extinguished, crews from Baltimore Gas and Electric, BGE, commenced a night-long canvass of the neighborhood to identify any gas leaks. According to officials from BGE, the found no readings of leaking gas during the investigation in the immediate aftermath of the explosion accident.

Emergency personnel at the scene on the day of the explosion expressed surprise that more people weren’t injured. In addition, they noted that the potential for even a wider swath of property damage definitely was a possibility that fortunately has avoided. The prevention of additional property damage was attributed to the swift response of the Baltimore firefighters who responded to three-alarm fire.

In the days following the accident, BGE further reported that there had been no leaks associated with gas pipelines serving not only the home where the explosion was believed to occur by in regard to any other residences in the immediate neighborhood for 12 months prior to the blast. In fact, the company went further to state that there had been no service calls to the residences in question for any purpose during that time period.

The city of Baltimore launched an extended investigation in an attempt to ascertain the cause of the gas explosion accident. Ultimately, investigators pinpointed the specific location of the explosion itself to be a closet in the front of the residence. Within the closet was the gas meter for the home.

Having identified that location of the explosion being a closet containing the gas meter for the residence, investigators remained at least somewhat circumspect in specifically stating the cause of the blast itself. In the end, investigators neither ruled out nor ruled in a defect or malfunction of the gas meter as the cause of the Baltimore explosion accident.

Despite the lack of a definitive identification of the cause of the explosion, BGE retrieved all of the gas meters from the homes involved in the explosion. BGE also collected all gas appliances at all of these residences. All interior gas pipelines were removed by the company as well for further examination and replacement.

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