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Three People Critically Injured in Santa Clarita Industrial Park Explosion

Multiple fire crews employed a pair of helicopters to battle a blaze following a Santa Clarita industrial park explosion Tuesday evening. The explosion occurred around sunset, according to fire department officials. Initial reports were that the Los Angeles area explosion occurred on a movie set. Officials later indicated that the location of the large explosion was the industrial park itself. With that clarification, the industrial park regularly has been used as a movie backdrop, according to local officials.

Three people were critically injured in the Santa Clarita industrial park explosion. They were taken to area hospitals and no further reports on their condition have been issued. No one was reported to have been killed as result of the Wednesday evening explosion, according to local officials at the scene.

Fire crews were fortunate to be able to control the blaze resulting from the explosion in a fairly short period of time. They were able to contain the fire itself to about an acre of land on a hillside in the aftermath of the Santa Clarita industrial park explosion.

With California being plagued by wildfires in the past year, initial concerns were that the fire would spread rapidly, which fortunately proved not to be the case. Nonetheless, the one-acre blaze was christened as the “Rye Fire” by the media and others.

The Southern California Innovation Park consists of 100 acres. The site is a mix of office buildings and industrial facilities. According to the Santa Clarita Film Office, the Southern California Innovation Park is considered a “versatile movie set location.” On Wednesday, officials said that no film permits had been issued for work at the industrial park location.

As of Wednesday morning, investigators had not yet identified the underlying cause of the explosion. Most of the damage from the blast appears to have been to one building at the industrial park, which appears to be a complete loss.

People in the industrial park at the time of the accidents, and others in the general vicinity, stated that they felt and heard the explosion when it occurred. Indeed, individuals from a fair distance from the center of the last reported hearing a “loud boom” and feeling an impact as a result of the Southern California Innovation Park explosion.

Fire department officials indicated that they do not yet know what type of business was housed in the building. People familiar with the industrial park have advised media representatives that they believed the building to have been some sort of movie prop storage facility.

As part of fighting the fire and investigatory efforts, the hazardous materials team was dispatched to the location north of Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

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