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Toro Snowblower Recall: Defective Product Recalled Due to Amputation Risk

Toro has issued a defective products recall of approximately 7,500 snowblowers that pose an amputation risk to users. The Toro snowblower recall has come at a time when much of the country is blanketed in snow, including a number of southern states like Texas. In other words, the Toro snowblower recall has happened at precisely a point in time when this evidently defective product has been in wide use across the United States.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Administration issued a specific defective product recall notice:

This recall involves Model Year 2021 Toro Power Max 826 OHAE Snowthrowers with Model Number 37802. The model and serial number are located on the back of the snowthrower. Serial numbers included in this recall are listed on Toro’s website. The firm has received five reports of incidents related to auger failing to disengage when the control lever is released.

The specific defective product recall involves the Toro snowblower with the model number 37802. This equipment is part of the Toro Power Max 826 OHAE Snowthrower line.

The Consumer Product Safety Administration made clear that any person that owns or has access to a recalled Toro snowblower should stop using the defective product immediately.

The Toro recall involved snowblowers manufactured by that company from November 2020 through January 2021. The defective product was sold at one or another of these locations in the United States:

  • The Home Depot
  • Ace Hardware
  • Various other Toro snowblower authorized dealers

The Toro snowblower was sold for about $1,200 and is considered to be one of the company’s “higher end” products.

The Toro product defect recall focuses on the auger at the front of the equipment. The auger is fully exposed in order to allow it the ability scoop up snow. Once the snow is scooped, the auger forces the snow throw a discharge chute and away from the area being cleaned.

The auger is engaged by applying pressure to a handle grip. This causes the auger to spin at a high rate of speed. Again, the spinning auger is physically unprotected.

A consumer using the product is to be kept safe from the auger in one principle manner. When the auger handle grip is released, the auger itself is to immediately stop spinning. Toro snowblowers subject to the recall have been reported to have augers that keep rotating at a hazardous high rate of speed even after the control element should have caused the spinning blades to fully stop.  

The primary concern is that consumers are at risk for hand and limb amputation as a result of the serious product defective. With the snowblower recall having only been in place a couple of days, the Consumer Product Safety Administrations is only now beginning to collect substantive data on the design or manufacturing defect and the extent of damage and injury that may have been caused as a result of the defective product. More information is likely to be forthcoming from the regulatory agency in the not too distant future.

The failure of the auger to operate as intended exposes not only the snowblower user to extreme danger but others as well. Children are particularly at risk when it comes to this particular product defect.

Consumers that own this particular Toro snowblower are directed to return the equipment to the nearest Toro authorized dealer. Evidently, the company believes that the product defect can be rectified via some type of repair.

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