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Apartment Building and Brewery Devastated in Chester County, Pennsylvania Explosion

A Pennsylvania explosion ripped through a Chester County apartment building and brewery taproom located in Kennett Square. The Magnolia Place Apartments and Victory Brewing Company Taproom were left in unstable condition following the Monday evening blast that resulted in a three-alarm fire. The brewery taproom is located in the first floor of the building, the apartments above. As of Thursday morning, investigators were unsure of the underlying cause of the Pennsylvania explosion accident.

In the direct aftermath of the accident, no serious injuries or deaths were reported. With that said, property damage at both the apartment complex and the brewery is extensive. Many residents of the apartment complex have lost not only their homes but everything they owned within their residences. As an aside, when it comes to explosions and the repercussions from a blast, there are instances when certain types of injuries aren’t immediately identified, including traumatic brain injuries.

Residents in the apartment complex immediately evacuated the property when they heard the explosion. The swift evacuation is credited for limiting casualties. Immediately before the explosion, an alarm connected to a local firehouse activated, indicating that some sort of fire started directly before the blast. Firefighters immediately dispatched to the scene, ultimately were joined by two other firehouses to contain the vicious blaze.

As mentioned a moment ago, investigators have not yet officially identified the cause of the Pennsylvania explosion. Residents of the Magnolia Place Apartments have told officials and the media that they believed that the explosion came from an electrical room on the property.

Investigators are reaching out to the public. Investigators are asking people to residents of the Magnolia Place Apartments, as well as neighbors, to provide any videos of the fire that they may have made in the aftermath of the explosion.

In addition to apartment residents immediately fleeing the building when the explosion occurred, another reason injuries were minimized is because of the brewery’s public operating scheduling. Victory Brewing Company Taproom is not open on Mondays, the day of the devastating explosion.

A total of 55 people lost their homes, at least into the indefinite future, as a result of the blast. In addition, the brewery taproom is inoperable. There is no timeframe as to if and when the structure will be restored to a habitable condition. The possibility remains that what is left of the blast-damaged building will need to be torn down. That decision will likely be forthcoming during the coming week.

PECO Energy Company provides utility services to the apartments and brewery damaged in the Pennsylvania explosion. PECO announced that all utility service to the building is disconnected, with no plans to restore it in the immediate future. Evidently, PECO had received no complaints about electric or gas issues at the property in advance of the explosion.

As part of the investigation into the cause of the Pennsylvania explosion, PECO has been called upon to review its records regarding utility issues reported at the building. In addition, PECO is reviewing recent and historical records about any work done at the building. In a significant number of instances, an explosion accident occurs during or because of some type of utility work undertaken at a property.

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