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San Diego Hash Oil Explosion Rips Through Apartment Complex

A San Diego hash oil explosion at the City Heights apartment complex sent one person to the hospital and left at least 24 people homeless. The two-story apartment complex is located on Marlborough Avenue near Landis street, a short jaunt east of Interstate 15.

Multiple 911 calls were placed in the morning on January 15, 2021, reporting the blast. Emergency personnel were dispatched immediately to the scene. Fire department personnel found a significant amount of damage at the apartment complex as a result of the hash oil explosion, but there was not fire at the time of their arrival.

Paramedics transported one person to the UCSD Medical Center for treatment for burn injuries. As of the morning after the blast, the extent of the person’s injuries and current condition were not available to the public. Emergency medial personnel made it clear that it was fortunate that not more people suffered injuries as a result of what clearly was a powerful blast at a location with a significant population density.

The American Red Cross also came to the site of the San Diego hash oil explosion. Red Cross personnel worked to find temporary housing to all residents of the apartment complex displaced because of the explosion. Those in need of temporary housing included families with children.

Investigators are uncertain as to the overall impact the explosion had on the structure of the apartment building. Witnesses to the San Diego has oil explosion described it as being “very powerful.”  They hope that an evaluation will be completed fairly soon to permit a reopening of at least some of the units at the complex. In the immediate aftermath of the explosion, all residents were evacuated from the complex.

Hash oil is concentrated form of cannabis. Currently, hash oil explosions largely are concentrated along the west coast of the United States, including California, as well as in Colorado. The incident of hash oil explosions appears to be connected to the legalization of medicinal as well as recreational marijuana.

A much larger hash oil explosion occurred in Los Angeles in May 2020. The Los Angeles has oil explosion occurred at what has been called a “factory.” A hash oil factory is site at which large quantities of the substance are produced. Unfortunately, a hash oil factory oftentimes is located in a residential or a congested commercial area. As a result, injuries and property damage oftentimes extend beyond the parameters of the hash oil factory itself, resulting in harm to what can be a significant number of people nearby not involved in the production process.

230 firefighters were called to the scene of the Los Angeles has oil explosion. 11 of the firefighters were taken to area hospitals with serious injuries. These included four firefighters with extensive burns that were placed in intensive care units. Five other firefighters were hospitalized with various degrees of burn injuries. Two other firefighters were on ventilators as a result of breathing super-heated gases. Despite being serious, in the end none of the injuries were fatal.

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