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11-Year-Old Boy Killed in Iowa Amusement Park Accident

Michael Jaramillo, age 11, was enjoying the July Fourth holiday with his family at Adventureland Park, an amusement park in Altoona, Iowa, a suburb of Des Moines. Michael and his family were on the Raging River ride when the raft in which they were riding overturned. The boy named Michael was killed and three other people were injured. Another unnamed boy was severely injured in the Iowa amusement park accident.  

Three people on the raft were taking to an area hospital. The severely injured boy remains in critical condition. As of this time no information has been provided about the critically injured child’s relationship with Michael. Based on information released thus far from Adventureland Park, all of the people on the raft that overturned appear to be part of the Jaramillo family.

Ride Inspected Immediately Before Iowa Amusement Park Accident

One of the more alarming facts about the latest amusement park accident is the fact that the Raging River ride had undergone a safety inspection the day before the catastrophic accident. The safety inspection conducted on the Des Moines amusement park ride resulted in a clean bill of safety health. Nevertheless, despite the greenlight, the fatal accident involving the water ride occurred within about 24 hours of the safety inspection.

Second Fatal Amusement Park Accident in Five Years

The fatal Iowa amusement park accident over the 2021 Fourth of July holiday weekend is not the first time that such a catastrophic incident occurred at Adventureland Park. This is the second fatal amusement park at the Des Moines tourist attraction in the past five years.

In the early tragic incident, a worker was helping riders get out of the Raging River ride in 2016. The 69-year-old man fell onto the conveyer belt associated with the ride and ended up trapped between a raft and a wall. The worker’s skull was crushed, ultimately resulting in his death.  

Adventureland Park Releases a Statement About Fatal Iowa Amusement Park Accident

In the aftermath of the Fourth of July weekend amusement part accident, Adventureland Park issued a statement about the fatal incident:

Adventureland is saddened to learn of the passing of one guest involved in the Raging River accident on the evening of July 3, 2021. This investigation is ongoing and the ride remains closed. Adventureland is working closely with both the state and local authorities and would like to thank them again for their efforts. At this time, we ask for your thoughts and prayers for the guest and their family, as well as for our team members who were onsite.

Adventure Land has also announced that the amusement park has launched an in-depth inspection of the Raging River ride in an attempt to identify what went wrong and caused that fatal accident over the Independence Day holiday weekend. Part of the investigation will also focus on how the ride managed to pass a safety inspection if, in fact, there was some sort of defect associated with the equipment. Governmental officials will also be involved in the investigation of the deadly accident at Adventureland Park.

Your Legal Rights Following an Amusement Park Accident

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