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Kentucky Dippin’ Dots Factory Explosion Accident Injures 10

A Kentucky Dippin’ Dots factory explosion accident sent 10 people to two area hospitals in Paducah. The extent of the injuries of the victims of the blast at the confectionary plant is not yet known. No information on the identities of the injured individuals has been released to the press or the public. The assumption at this time is that all of the hospitalized victims of the Kentucky Dippin’ Dots factory explosion accident are employees or other workers associated with the plant.

Details regarding the cause of the explosion are not 100 percent certain at this juncture in time. What is known is that the blast happened when a truck was unloading liquid nitrogen at the plant, according to the Paducah Police Department. With that said, there is no clarity as what caused the explosion itself. An investigation is now underway to attempt to pinpoint the specific reason the blast occurred in the first instance.

The Paducah Dippin’ Dots plant does not manufacture the ice cream product itself. Rather, the plant at which the explosion occurred makes ingredients that are used by a third-party company in the manufacturing process.

Dippin’ Dots is a product of fairly recent origin. The ice cream snack was invented in 1988. The confection is created through a process that involves the flash freezing of an ice cream mix in liquid nitrogen. The ice create treat is manufactured by Dippin’ Dots, Inc., which is headquartered in Paducah.

Dippin’ Dots the product requires extremely cold storage at temperatures below -40 degrees. As a consequence, the product is not normally sold in grocery markets because they lack the facilities to property store Dippin’ Dots. As a consequence, Dippin’ Dots typically are sold in individual servings at franchised locations. These typically include:

  • Stadiums
  • Arena
  • Zoos
  • Theme parks
  • Museums
  • Shopping malls
  • Specialized vending machines

It’s unclear whether the Kentucky Dippin’ Dots factory explosion accident will have an impact on product availability. According to the company, that simply is not the focus of the enterprise at this time. In the direct aftermath of the blast, the company released a statement:

“This is a terrible accident. At this moment, our focus is on the well-being of our fellow employees who were injured.”

The Dippin’ Dots Chief Executive Officer Scott Fischer further stated:

“My heart is with our employees, especially those injured in this afternoon’s terrible incident. I care deeply for our employees — they are family to me. Please join me in praying for our employees.”

The company added that its personnel are cooperating with investigators in an effort to pinpoint the case of the Kentucky Dippin’ Dots factory explosion accident. No timeframe has been provided as to when additional information about the blast and its underlying cause will be made available to the public. It is also unknown at this time what specific agency or agencies are involved in the Kentucky Dippin’ Dots factory explosion accident investigation.

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