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Massive Plano Home Explosion Sends at Least Six to Hospitals

A massive explosion destroyed a Plano home and damaged other nearby residences just before 5:00 p.m. on Monday, July 19. At least six people have been transported to area hospitals. No information is yet available on the severity of the injuries suffered by the victims of the Plano home explosion. The blast occurred in the 4400 block of Cleveland Drive near Coit Road and Park Boulevard

Total Destruction of Residence Where Explosion Occurred

The explosion itself appears to have been confined to one particular residence. According to police and eyewitnesses in the area, that home “is gone.” There is nothing left. The victims transported to medical centers thus far all appear to have been in or around that particular residence at the time of the explosion.

Multiple Emergency Personnel Crews Respond to Scene

Due to the nature of the destructive explosion, multiple emergency teams have responded to the scene. This includes at least 16 fire trucks and police vehicles on site directly after the blast. More personnel may be necessary depending on how quickly emergency personnel currently on hand are able to contain the situation.

Cause of Plano Home Explosion Not Known

While it is admittedly only a very short time after the blast, the cause of the Plano home explosion is now known. Oftentimes a general idea of the underlying cause of an explosion accident is identified in a relatively short period of time. As more information comes for the scene, and investigators join emergency personnel in the area, a better idea of what caused the devastating Plano explosion is likely to become known rather immediately.

Gas Service Shut Off to Area

The Plano Police Department has announced that all gas service has been shut off in an undisclosed area at and around the explosion site. At this time, police officials have not indicated whether this is a preemptive measure following the blast or whether some sort of gas or gas line issue played a role in the Plano home explosion.

Although an investigation is yet to officially commence, these types of explosions oftentimes do have some sort of connection to natural gas service or a natural gas pipeline. Again, the cause of this calamity will become better known and likely so in the not too distant future.

Other Residences Damaged

Damaged caused by the blast is not confined to the single residence where the explosion occurred. Rather, an unknown number of other homes have sustained damage as a result of the explosion as well. In addition to no firm count of damaged homes being available at this early time, no estimate is available as to the extent of damage suffered at neighboring properties following the initial blast.

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