Philadelphia Construction Worker Crushed by Equipment Moving Rig

A Philadelphia construction accident took the life of one worker and seriously injured another. The tragic incident involved a piece of equipment known in the industry as a “drilling rig.” A construction drilling rig should not be confused with a platform of the same name used in the oil and gas industry. A construction drilling rig is used to move heavy equipment at a work site.

The fatal Philadelphia construction accident occurred when the drilling rig fell over and crushed one worker below. The rig operator was also injured in the accident.

The worker crushed by the drilling rig was taken to a local hospital where he subsequently died. The rig operator was also hospitalized, but his condition is now known at this time. There is no information available as to when the injured worker may be released or what long-term consequences he may face going forward into the future, assuming he survives (which does appear to be likely).

The names of neither Philadelphia construction accident victim have been released to the media or public. What is known is that the man killed in the accident was a 55-year-old man. Rescue workers took 15 minutes to extract the man from underneath the rig.

Passersby Were at Grave Risk

Due to the manner in which the drilling rig fell, passersby were at grave risk. Fortunately, the area happened to be temporarily free of pedestrians when the rig fell. Indeed, Philadelphia Assistant Fire Chief remarked that “it's fortunate that it was this time of the evening where this is a high traffic area during the day and it could have been a lot more potential for danger to many folks, but still there were two individuals who were hurt here so that's still tragic.”

The narrow escape afforded members of the general public in this construction site accident underscores the dangerous nature of these types of incidents. Every year, hundreds of workers as well as members of the general public are injured and killed in construction site accident that include:

  • Scaffolding collapses
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Falling debris, material, and other objects
  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Electrocutions
  • Exposure to toxic or hazardous substances

Building Unscared by Rig Fall

The building under construction was not damaged in anyway as a result of the drilling wig accident. Of course, the reason the building project was spared was because the rig fell outwards and into the zone of where the general public normally can be found walking and motoring.

Investigation of Philadelphia Construction Accident

An investigation is now underway as to how and who this particular Philadelphia construction accident occurred. The Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections is involved in the post-accident investigation. Fuel is leaking from the drilling rig in the aftermath of the fatal incident.

Despite the ongoing investigation and death of a worker (and serious injury of another), work has not stopped at the construction site. Work was underway the morning after the fatal accident.

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