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Plano Home Explosion Caused by Natural Gas Leak Hospitalizes Six

A massive Plano home explosion appears to have been caused by what Plano Fire Rescue is describing as an isolated gas leak of some sort. The blast leveled the residence at which the gas leak is suspected to have originated. The explosion at the suspect residence injured one person. The explosion caused significant damage to a neighboring home, resulting in five people in that residence being taken to area hospitals. Three of the Plano home explosion victims have been identified as children.

The names of the Plano home explosion victims have not been identified. Information on the extent of their injuries has not been released to the public or the media. The injured individuals are expected to recover. With that said, it’s not yet known whether or not any victim will suffer more long-term medical consequences or disabilities as a result of the blast.

The Plano house explosion occurred just before 5:00 p.m. on Monday. The residence at which the blast occurred was a single-story home located in the 4400 block of Cleveland Drive. The neighborhood is located near West Park Boulevard and Coit Road.

Nothing is left of the residence where the explosion occurred. The person injured at that location was pulled from the rubble by rescue personnel.

A number of different agencies are involved in the investigation of the Plano explosion. The investigatory agencies are:

  • Plano Fire Rescue
  • Plano Police Department
  • FBI
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

As of 18 hours after the Plano home explosion, the following determinations have been made by the investigators at the scene:

  • No explosives were involved in the blast
  • No hazardous materials were involved in the blast or have been released as a result of the explosion
  • Criminality is not suspected and the area is not a crime scene
  • As mentioned, evidence suggests that the explosion was the result of some type natural gas leak

In addition to these agencies, investigators from Atmos Energy, a natural gas company that provided service to the homes in the neighborhood, were on scene in the immediate aftermath of the Plano home explosion. The company also cutoff gas service to the area surrounding the blast zone for several hours. By Tuesday morning, Atmos Energy reported that gas service generally had been restored in the Plano neighborhood. As a precaution, electrical power service was shutoff as well for a period of time.

Beyond damage to the residence at which five injured people were recovered and taken to hospitals, another neighboring house also sustained notable damage. The nature and extent of damage to these properties is not yet known.

Other homes on the block, including across the street from the suspected blast location, suffered some damage as well. This includes broken windows. The full extent of damage to other properties is also now known at this juncture in time.

People from as far away as a mile felt the explosion when it occurred. For example, staff at a public library about a mile from the explosion felt the blast.

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