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Two Ohio University Fraternities Suspended for Hazing in July

Ohio University officials announced on Thursday that a second campus organization has been suspended in July for fraternity hazing. Taylor Tackett, assistant dean of students who serves as the director of community standards and student responsibility, announced the fraternity hazing suspension. The Delta Pi chapter of Sigma Chi has been suspended for four years as a result of serious fraternity hazing charges. Two weeks earlier, the OU Beta chapter of Delta Tau Delta was also suspended for four years as the result of significant fraternity hazing charges.

Ohio University Adopted a Zero Tolerance Police for Hazing

Only days before the Sigma Chi fraternity hazing suspension, OU President Bruce Johnson and other university officials held a press conference introducing the school’s zero tolerance policy when it comes to hazing of any type and associated with any organization. The OU zero tolerance policy is akin to what is being adopted at various institutions of higher education in Ohio and includes these principles:

  • Automatic dismissal of any student convicted of criminal hazing and debarment from attending any other Ohio public university in accordance with the law
  • Working with law enforcement
  • Strengthening the role of advisers for student organizations
  • Educating families and alumni on hazing, including how and where to report it
  • Improving the substance and delivery of anti-hazing education to students
  • Being transparent and providing data on hazing violations to inform students’ decisions about joining student organizations
  • Offering a personal outlet for reporting hazing. **

** Inter-University Council of Ohio Council of Presidents

The zero tolerance policy adopted by OU and other schools garnered praise from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine: “Today we take one more step to drive hazing from the state of Ohio. Changing law and culture is tough, but it’s something we are going to change.”

New Ohio Law on Hazing

The zero tolerance policy implemented at various universities is in line with the provisions of a new law in Ohio, Senate Bill 126, which is better known as Collin’s Law. Collin’s Law is named after Collin Wiant, a young man who lost his life as the result of fraternity hazing. His parents were on hand when the legislation was signed into law by Governor DeWine. The primary provisions of Collin’s Law are:

  • Expands the definition of hazing and specifies that hazing may include coercing another to consume alcohol or a drug of abuse
  • Increases the penalty for hazing to a second degree misdemeanor
  • Expands the list of officials required to report hazing
  • Widens the scope of those who can be punished for participating in or permitting hazing, A violation that results in serious harm is a 3rd degree felony
  • Requires that those aware of hazing report it to authorities, with penalties up to a 1st degree misdemeanor for failing to do so
  • Requires the Ohio Department of Higher Education to implement a statewide anti-hazing plan
  • Requires staff and volunteers at colleges and universities to undergo training on hazing awareness and prevention ***

*** Senate Bill 126, Collins Law

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