Violent Chicago Car Accident Kills Four

A weekend outing turned deadly for six people in a Mercedes SUV. The horrific car accident occurred in Hickory Hills, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. The single car crash left four of the six people onboard dead. Two others are hospitalized, their conditions unknown at this time. The SUV slammed into a tree with such a violent force the SUV literally was cut into two pieces.

Specific information about the catastrophic car accident is vague at this time. What does appear to have happened is that the driver lost control of the vehicle for a yet to be determined reason. The vehicle evidently was coming over a hill immediately prior to the accident. Officials are not speculating currently as to whether or not excessive speed was a factor in the deadly car accident. With that said, they also have not ruled out excessive speed as a factor contributing the driver’s fatal loss of control over the SUV.

A witness to the accident indicates that when the vehicle crested the hill, it may have become airborne. If that in fact did occur, the driver naturally would have lost navigational control over the SUV.

According to the witness at the scene, once becoming airborne, the Mercedes SUV evidently continued off the ground until it collided with a tree, the impact resulting the vehicle being cut completely in half.

The witness at the scene went on to tell media representatives:

“I have never seen anything like it. It was bad, tragic. I think they just, like, started flying because there is a hill. So, I am thinking they just revved up the engine and they just flew into the tree.”

In addition to speed, other possible causes that may have contributed to the deadly Chicago car accident include:

  • Inattentive or distracted driving (like texting while at the wheel)
  • Mechanical breakdown or failure
  • Driver intoxication
  • Roadway design flaw

As oftentimes is the case in horrific car accidents of this nature, multiple underlying causes may exist for the dealing incident. For example, a roadway design defect may exist, the consequences of which were aggravated by an inattentive driver. But, again, there is no information yet available as to the underlying cause of the accident.

Due to the catastrophic nature of this motor vehicle accident, a number of different investigator agencies ultimately are likely to be involved in the process. This is likely to included seasoned investigators from the local, state, and even the federal level. The timeframe for this type of investigation can span over a number of months in order to fully identify all factors that may have contributed to the deadly crash.

If you were injured as a passenger in someone else’s car, you likely have a considerable number of questions. The fact is that being injured in this type of situation can prove to be very confusing. The same holds true if you lost a family member involved in an accident while a passenger in someone else’s vehicle. Indeed, even the initial insurance claims process can understandably be confusing in these types of scenarios.

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