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Colorado Steel Mill Explosion: EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel Previously Cited by OSHA

Eight workers were injured last week in a catastrophic Colorado steel mill explosion in Pueblo. Three of those individuals remain in critical condition with no clear prognosis yet in site. An alarming additional fact has now been made known about the Colorado steel mill explosion. EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel, the owner of the plant where the massive blast occurred, has previously been cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, for putting its workers at risk of an explosion as well as other hazards.

Prior OSHA Safety Violations at the EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel Plant in Pueblo

EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel received an OSHA citation for serious safety violations in 2017. In that serious violation citation, OSHA stated:

The employer did not furnish employment and a place of employment which were free from recognized hazards that were causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees in that employees were exposed to explosion and struck-by hazards.

The comprehensive inspection and report of violations was precipitated by an explosion at the Colorado steel mill in 2016. OSHA recommended an array of changes to be undertaken at the site to enhance worker safety. No information currently is available about those changes or alterations. EVRAZ has advised that the company did comply with the directives in the 2017 violation citation. There is no confirmation from OSHA at this time that compliance occurred in regard to the prior explosion.

Status of OSHA Investigation Into 2021 EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Colorado Steel Plant Explosion

The most recent EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Colorado Steel Plant explosion occurred on Saturday, May 29, 2021. Consequently, the OSHA investigation into the blast and its causes is only now just commencing. Therefore, no information is available from the worker safety agency regarding the blast and aftermath. No time frame has been established for when an OSHA investigation will be completed.

With that noted, both the company and the local fire department established a scenario for why they think the Colorado steel mill explosion occurred. They speculate that water seeped into the electric arc furnace system. The furnace is used in the fabrication of steel products.

As the water built up in the furnace, pressure likewise continued to build. Ultimately, excessive pressure inside the furnace resulted in the devastating blast. As mentioned previously, eight workers were injured as a result of the explosion, three of them in critical condition.

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