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Four Dead, 159 Unaccounted For in Surfside Condo Collapse

The situation grew from shocking to incomprehensible overnight at the scene of the Surfside condo collapse. As the sun set on Thursday evening, 99 people were listed as missing in the Champlain Towers South condo collapse. There was some hope that number would decline as some unaccounted-for people were discovered not to have been in the building at the time of the disaster. As the day dawned on Friday, the exact opposite proved to be the case.

Four people have officially been confirmed dead in the disaster. 159 residents of the destroyed residential building are now listed as unaccounted-for. The growing consensus is that these 159 people are no longer expected to be found offsite. Rather, the belief among officials is that these residents are likely in the rubble of the collapsed condo building.

There is some hope that there are pockets within the wreckage in which individuals in the building at the time of the collapse could survive for at least some period of time. Experts have advised that is possible for individuals to survive in pockets of rubble that can exist following a building collapse for a matter of days.

Search and Rescue Continues at a Frantic Pace

The search and rescue mission at the Miami collapsed building continues apace. Search and rescue workers continued their efforts over night as rain fell and complicated the efforts. Two additional deceased residents were recovered overnight, bringing the total number of individuals killed in the catastrophic collapse to four. No survivors were rescued from the remains of the structure overnight.

Search and rescue workers are continuing their efforts at what some are calling a frantic pace. The search and rescue operation is expected to continue throughout the day on Friday and likely into the night as well.

Cause of the Surfside Condo Collapse

The cause of the Surfside condo collapse remains unknown. With that said, a report associated with a research study on the building from some years ago has arisen. The study was conducted by Shimon Wdowinski is a professor in the Department of Earth and Environment at Florida International University.

In the study, there is information that the now-devastated building has been sinking into the ground at a rate far faster than the norm since the 1990s. The author of the study does make clear that he cannot at this moment form a causal link between the deadly collapse and the sinking he has noted occurring for over 30 years.

Champlain Towers South Appears to Have Passed Major Inspection the Day Before Collapse

Prior to the catastrophic destruction of the Champlain Towers South, the building was in the midst of a comprehensive multifaceted inspection. Pursuant to Florida law, a residential building of this type must undergo a thorough inspection that includes structural soundness at the 40-year mark from the date of its construction.

There is an unconfirmed report that the day before the disastrous, deadly collapse of the Champlain Towers South, the building received a proverbial “clean bill of health” following the in-depth inspection. This includes passing the inspection as to the structural soundness and safety of the building.

With the study mentioned a moment ago together with the comprehensive inspection, a question has arisen as to whether governmental authorities, the building owner, or others know of structural issues with the building or should have known of these problems. Moreover, the question of whether these entities or individuals reasonably should have known about issues with the Champlain Towers South structural soundness.

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