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Hidden Dangers Leave Workers, Public at Risk of Houston Oil Refinery Explosions

As a general rule, members of the general public pay little attention to alterations in the composition of fuel oils being stored at Houston refineries and elsewhere across Texas and around the United States. Understanding this reasonably understandable preference of not focusing on what many would call the minutia of the petroleum industry, the public-at-large undoubtedly generally is unaware of an alternation in the composition of Number Six Fuel Oil. The public and even much of the petroleum industry is oblivious that this change in the makeup of number six fuel oil renders the storage of this product markedly more dangerous.

Texas is the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the United States. Indeed, the Lone Star State far outpaces other states when it comes to oil and natural gas production. At the heart of Texas petroleum industry is the Houston oil refinery mega-complex. The vast majority of Texas oil refineries are situated near Gulf Coast ports, nearly all of these facilities in the Houston area.

What is Number Six Fuel Oil?

Number six fuel oil technically is residual fuel oil. What this means is that number six fuel oil is the last product derived from the petroleum distillation or petroleum refining process. Number six fuel oil has a variety of more commonplace uses that include:

  • Asphalt production
  • Burned in commercial boilers
  • Burned in some residential boilers

Number six fuel oil is not considered among the cleanest burning of petroleum products. As a consequence, there has been a relatively slow move to cleaner burning alternatives.

Increased Danger of Processing and Storing Number Six Fuel Oil

In recent years, the formulation of number six fuel oil has been adjusted a number of times. Although there may be some laudable objectives for these changes, one reality is that stored number six fuel oil has become more combustible and hazardous than historically has been the case. This enhancement of the hazards associated with number six fuel oils has rendered Houston oil refineries and tank farms all the more dangerous – to workers and the general public alike.

Your Legal Rights: Meet the Houston Oil Refinery Explosion Attorney Team

The consequences of a Houston oil refinery explosion can be catastrophic and far reaching. We need only look to recent history to confirm this alarming reality. An oil refinery explosion has all the attributes of a war zone. This likely includes fatally injured workers and other employees who suffer severe and even permanently debilitating injuries.

The ring of death, injury, and damage oftentimes extends well beyond the confines of a Houston oil refinery itself. An oil refinery blast can result in significant property damage to businesses and residences alike. Members of the public can be and oftentimes are injured as a direct and immediate result of an explosion. Moreover, because toxic chemicals typically are released into the air, water, and soil following a Houston oil refinery explosion, long-term health consequences can follow. Area residents might not even know they are ill as a result of contamination from a Houston oil refinery explosion.

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