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Massive Phoenix Fire Destroys Multiple Businesses

Over 200 firefighters spent two days battling a massive Phoenix fire that destroyed multiple businesses. Ultimately, about a dozen firehouses fought the mammoth blaze, rendering the response the largest in the history of Phoenix. While the fire took out at least a half dozen businesses and commercial structures, the inferno took no lives.

As of Monday morning, one firefighter had been hospitalized. The injured firefighter was listed in stable condition. No specific information has been provided about the extent of his injuries as of this time. He is expected to recovery.

Disastrous Phoenix Fire Starts at Waste Facility

The virtually incomprehensible inferno appears to have started at Friedman Waste Control Systems. The facility was home to wooden pallets that were loaded with paper and cardboard. These items easily and rapidly fueled the ravaging fire. The facility appears to have been completely destroyed by the fire.

Investigators have yet to really dive into the underlying cause of the Phoenix fire as of Monday afternoon. Thus, as of this juncture in time, there is no available information about how the fire started.

Blaze Spreads Rapidly to Neighboring Businesses

In little time, the fire spread neighboring businesses. A tire shop, recycling center, and lumber company were complete decimated by the blaze within a matter of a couple hours. As of Monday afternoon, reports are still coming in as to what other physical damage was caused by the catastrophic fire. All businesses in the area were evacuated as a result of the spreading fire. There is no information available at this time about the dollar value of the losses arising from the fire.

Residences at Risk of Destruction

A major concern of firefighters and others was that a minor shift in the prevailing wind would have left a significant number of homes at risk of being obliterated by the fire. The risk continued for hours as the firefighters battled feverishly to gain at least some control over the blaze.

Although the fire doesn’t appear to have damaged any private homes, the prospect that are residents were spared exposure to hazardous chemicals is not yet ruled out. The grim reality is that every year many people in the United States end up with serious health conditions or issues that can be traced back to exposure to carcinogens and other hazardous materials arising from a fire or explosion. In fact, many years can pass before a clear picture develops of injuries sustained by people as a result of exposure to smoke from a commercial, industrial, or other types of fire.   

Businesses and Homes Lose Power

As a result of the Phoenix fire, about 800 businesses and homes were without power for about a half a day. As of Monday, there appeared to have been at least a handful of locations that were still without power.

Heavy Smoke Plume Engulfs Phoenix

The heavy, thick smoke plume engulfed the greater Phoenix metro area as a result of the fire. An investigation is underway as to whether or not any toxic or hazardous substances were contained in the smoke plume that spread over the city and surrounding communities. Hazardous waste control professionals were called to the scene of the accident to address these types of issues.

Your Legal Rights Following a Catastrophic Fire

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