Scaffolding Accident Factors, Facts, and Figures

Having reached what appears to generally be a period of normality following a year battling the coronavirus pandemic, more workers will be at construction sites and in other endeavors that involve the use of scaffolding. As a consequence, there will be an associated increase in scaffolding accidents and in the number of people who are seriously injured and killed in these types of incidents. With these realities on the horizon, it’s important to recount some important factors, facts, and figures about scaffolding accidents in the United States.

Essential Realities About Scaffolding Accidents

At the present time in the United States, approximately 2.3 million construction workers as well as individuals in other occupations utilize scaffolding in their day-to-day employment endeavors. Approximately 65 percent of construction workers utilize scaffolding on a regular basis. That represents 2.3 construction workers who find themselves on scaffolding regularly in order to perform their employment tasks.

During the course of a particular year, approximately 4,500 people are injured in scaffolding accidents, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. A considerable number of these hard-working men and women end up sustained serious injuries in these types of accidents. About 60 people are killed in scaffolding accidents annually was well.

Most Common Types of Scaffolding Accidents

Nearly 75% of scaffolding accidents in the United States are the result of one of three different types in incidents. These are:

  • Scaffold planking or support gives way or collapse as the result of improper assembly or defective materials and equipment
  • Slipping or tripping while on a scaffold as a result of a slippery surface of because of a lack of guardrails
  • Objects falling from a scaffold onto workers on civilians in the general vicinity of the structure

The remaining causes of scaffolding accidents, accounting for about 30% of injuries, are caused by:

  • Electrocution, typically the result of scaffolds being in too close proximity to power or utility lines
  • Storms and other environmental conditions
  • Hazardous substances maintained on or near scaffolding
  • Inadequate fall protection
  • Collapse of scaffolding due to improper installation
  • Collapse of scaffolding due to overloading

Most Frequent Scaffolding Accident Injuries

The impact of scaffolding accidents can be catastrophic. The stark reality is that a scaffolding accident can result in horrific injuries. The most common types of injuries that stem from scaffolding accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Amputations
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Death

It’s crucial to bear in mind that not only are construction workers injured or killed in scaffolding accidents, but members of the general public can also end up on harm’s way. Every year, members of the general public at or near a construction site or at another type of location where scaffolding is in use ends up injured, sometimes fatally so.

One of the most common ways a member of the general public is injured or killed in a scaffolding accident is when something falls from the apparatus. There are also incidents in which scaffolding collapse ends up harming “civilians” in addition to workers.

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