Actor Armie Hammer Latest Hollywood Powerhouse in Sexual Assault Scandal

Yet again, a Hollywood powerhouse is the center of a brewing sexual assault storm of rapidly escalating proportions. The star of such popular and critically acclaimed films as The Social Network, J. Edgar, and On the Basis of Sex (in which he portrayed Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s husband), Armie Hammer has been named in another shocking sexual assault claim.

The actor had a film from Disney slated for release later this year. In light of the latest sexual assault allegations made against Hammer, the Disney Company has pushed back the release of that movie into 2022.  Hammer is the great-grandson of industrialist Armand Hammer.

The latest sexual assault allegation lodged against Hammer is being brought by a woman who contends the actor violently raped her for several hours in 2017. (As an aside, Hammer was married at the time of this latest alleged sexual assault. Hammer and his now-estranged wife are the parents of two young children.)

According to the complainant, who is identified only as Effie, she and Hammer met when the woman was 20 years old via Facebook. The woman called Effie contends that she and Hammer developed an intimate relationship, despite the fact that he was married at the time. She further claims that she was in loved with the actor.

According to Effie, the “relationship” went off the rails in 2017. On April 24 of that year, Effie contends that Hammer violently assaulted and raped her over the course of approximately four hours. An example of the violence the woman alleges Hammer perpetrated on her included having her feet beaten by Hammer with a riding crop. She contends she had difficulty walking for a week.

Through his attorney, Hammer countered that everything that occurred between Effie and himself was completely consensual. He maintains that it is not his desire to make public the woman’s “fetishes or kinky sexual desires,” but Hammer has made it clear through counsel that he intends to defend himself fully. As part of that effort, Hammer’s lawyer released the content of a July 18, 2020, series of texts from Effie to Hammer that graphically set forth what the woman “wants Hammer to do to her.”

As of now, this accusation has taken on something of a he said and she said back and forth. With that noted, this is not the first time Hammer has been the subject of abuse allegations. Another woman who alleges she was Hammer’s lover maintains that he frightened her and sent troublesome communications to her. These included a series of texts in which the woman alleges Hammer wrote that he wanted to break her ribs, barbecue them, and then consume them.

As of this moment, Hammer’s legal counsel has not specifically addressed the allegations made by the former girlfriend. In that the woman accuses Hammer of having cannibalistic tendencies, conventional wisdom is that Hammer would deny these contentions.

The jury is still out (figuratively and literally) on the matter of sexual abuse and Armie Hammer. Having said that, the matter of Armie Hammer underscores the ongoing parade of powerful men who sexually harass and sexually assault vulnerable women.

Sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual assault by men in positions of power in Hollywood and elsewhere gave rise to the #metoo movement. With consistent regularity new cases with new claims continue to arise.

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