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Five Killed in “Horrific” Florida Car Accident

What has been described by witnesses as a “horrific car accident” has resulted in five deaths. The catastrophic Florida car accident occurred in Orange County outside of Orlando. Details are scant about the cause and circumstances surrounding the car accident. What is known in the immediate aftermath of this Orlando car accident is grim.

A total of five people been killed in the two-car collision that occurred on Claronca Ocoee Road. A car carrying a driver and five passengers was heading westbound on Claronca Ocoee Road. An SUV was in the eastbound lane of traffic. There is a lack of clarity at the moment as to whether or not there was more than just the driver in the SUV.

The car with six occupants began a left-hand turn, which required crossing into and over the eastbound lane of traffic. The SUV evidently slammed into the side of the car attempting to make a turn.

Several people were ejected from the car upon impact. Five of the six people in that vehicle were killed. These included three pre-teen children, a teenager, and one adult. The pre-teen children are all thought to be under the age of 10.

The driver of the car survived and was transported to a local hospital. The driver of the car that was struck by the SUV is said have sustained serious injuries.

The driver of the SUV also survived the Orlando car accident. That driver was also transported to an area hospital for treatment of injuries. That driver is said to be in stable condition. No names of any of the individuals involved in this Florida car accident have been released to the public of media.

The Florida Highway Patrol is leading the investigation into the Orlando car accident. A spokesperson for the FHP stated:

“As you can imagine, a very horrific scene for everybody that’s involved. We’re still trying to sort out the victims and how they’re related but we believe it’s somehow all family –  all of the deceased out of the one vehicle. With this type of impact, we’re looking to see whether those victims were ejected because they were not belted or whether they were ejected because the car was literally ripped apart.”

As noted previously, very little information is yet available from FHP investigators. The car carrying six passengers appears to have had only five seats available. In addition, there is a question as to whether passengers in that vehicle used seatbelts of child seats, depending on their age.

It also officially is unclear who had the right-of-way. That determination is expected to be made by FHP investigators shortly.

There were over 400,000 car accidents in Florida in 2019, the last year a full set of data is available. That breaks down to over 1,100 car crashes on roadways in the Sunshine State each day.

Nearly 3,200 people were killed on Florida roadways during the year in question. The 3,200 deaths occurred in approximately 3,000 car crashes that resulted in at least on fatality. This death rate is comparable to what has been generally seen in recent years in Florida.

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