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Klein Natural Gas Explosion Injures Seven CenterPoint Energy Workers

A disastrous natural gas line explosion injured seven CenterPoint Energy workers who had been called to the scene of a pair of natural gas line mishaps in Klein, Texas. All sev en workers were rushed to local hospitals as a result of the Klein natural gas pipeline explosion. One of the workers was flown to a hospital by helicopter due to the particularly serious nature of his injuries.Neither hospitals, CenterPoint Energy, nor any investigatory officials at the scene have yet released the specific conditions of the injured workers nor their names, pending notification of family members.

The Klein natural gas explosion began in the late afternoon and early evening of March 5. A repair crew from Comcast was dispatched to Klein to work on the restoration of services to a section of the community. Evidently, Comcast service had been down in the area as a result of the fierce weather conditions at the end of February.

Comcast commenced to excavate in order to access that company’s service lines. In doing so, Comcast workers struck and somehow damaged a smaller gas line. The exact nature of that damage has not been reported. What is known is that the impact with the natural gas line caused neither an explosion nor a fire.

A team from CenterPoint Energy was then dispatched to Klein. They evidently were able to generally repair whatever damage Comcast may have caused to a natural gas line. Nearing the end of their repair work during the night of March 6, the crew from CenterPoint Energy struck and ruptured a much larger natural gas line. The impact and rupture resulted in a large explosion and a subsequent fire. Seven CenterPoint Energy workers were injured directly at the time of and as a direct result of the Klein natural gas pipeline explosion.

CenterPoint Energy was able to stop gas from flowing into the ruptured pipeline within about an hour of the explosion. Firefighters from the Klein Fire District were able to contain the fire that resulted from the CenterPoint gas explosion accident within a relatively short period of time following the shutdown of the gas flow to the ruptured line.

No members of the general public appear to have been injured as a result of the Klein natural gas line explosion. As of the morning after, only one neighboring residence reportedly had been damaged as a result of the blast. That damage appears to have been contained to the exterior of the home.

800 area residents were without electrical power, in addition to the CenterPoint customers that lost gas service as a result of the Klein blast. The CenterPoint natural gas line explosion destroyed a primary electrical powerline serving the area, which resulted in the referenced blackout. An investigation has commenced to more specifically pinpoint how the Klein natural gas line explosion occurred in the first instance.

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