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Massive Fireworks Explosion Accident Kills Two, Injures Neighbors

Residents of a home in Ontario, California, in San Bernardino County, maintained a huge stash of commercial grade fireworks somewhere on their property. Evidently, these individuals “shot-off” these powerful fireworks at all hours of the day or night, with no regard for the peace, quiet, and comfort of their neighbors. According to people who live in the neighborhood, they have reported the illegal use of fireworks in the past by those individuals living in the residence where the explosion occurred.

This disregard of the neighborhood came to a tragic, shocking end when the massive fireworks stash at the Ontario residence blew. As of this time, investigators have not pinpointed the precise cause for the fatal fireworks explosion accident.

In the immediate aftermath of the Ontario fireworks explosion accident, two people at the residents where the explosive were maintained were killed. Information has not been released regarding the identities of the individuals who lost their lives or whether they were residents of the house in question or visitors to the premises. In addition to the two fatalities at the site of the Ontario fireworks explosion accident, a dog that evidently lived at the residence was also killed in the blast.

The explosion took its toll beyond the immediate confines of the residence where the fireworks were stashed. A yet to be determined number of neighbors were injured in the explosion accident. A number of homes in the area also suffered varying degrees of damage. Another dog and horse were injured as a result of the fireworks blast as well. Officials have been unclear as to whether those animals were at the residence where the fireworks stockpile existed or lived somewhere else in the neighborhood.

None of the neighbors suffered life-threatening injuries. The injured dog and horse are also expected to live. A dollar amount for the damage caused to neighboring properties has not yet been determined.

One of the wounded neighbors, Arlene Fiero, spoke to the media. She reported that one of her legs caught on fire as a result of the Ontario explosion accident. She also explained that a portion of her house collapsed on her as a result of the fiery blast.

Other people reported what appears to be relatively significant damage at their nearby homes. In addition, the Ontario fireworks explosion accident shattered dozens of windows at nearby single family homes, apartments, and other structures.

Local law enforcement and firefighters cordoned of a fairly significant perimeter around the site of the Ontario explosion. These officials could not be certain of the precise amount of illegally possessed fireworks were at the premises. They wanted to make sure that no further injuries occurred if more explosions occurred.

Other agencies have been called to the scene as well. These included agents from he FBI as well as the local bomb squad.

Investigators have not indicated now long their review of the process would take place. The individuals involved in stashing the fireworks might face civil as well as criminal repercussions. Possessing fireworks in San Bernardino County is against the law.

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