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Pembroke Pines, Florida Aircraft Accident: Private Plane Plummets from Sky into SUV Killing Three

A private plane with two men on board somehow went out of control within a few hundred yards of a designated runway at North Perry Airport. The plan plummeted downward, colliding with an SUV carrying a 4-year-old boy and his mother. The boy was killed in the aircraft accident, his mother seriously injured. Two men onboard the aircraft were also killed.

The hazards associated with North Perry Airport have been an ongoing concern for residents of Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, and Miramar. All three of these Florida communities border the 74-year-old airport.

Accidents that injury or even kill people on the ground has been a concern for residents in close proximity to North Perry Airport since at least the 1990s. A concerted effort to close North Perry Airport was mounted during the 1990s, an endeavor which ultimately failed. The desire to close the airport had already again been picking up steam and supporters, even prior to the plane crash that killed the 4-year-old boy.

North Perry Airport is not the only small airfield in the state that has been targeted for safety concerns by Floridians. Florida is riddled with a patchwork of small airports like North Perry that are said to present real safety concerns to residents in proximity to those landing fields.

A mother who lives with her family near the scene of the deadly Florida aircraft accident reacted to the crash in a manner similar to a good many people in the community. She was shocked but not surprised by the deadly crash that took the life of an innocent boy. She explained that planes “fly so low that sometimes our windows shake.”

She went on to add that her family moved to the area because of well-regarded schools and a low crime rate. “I moved here to give my kids a safe place, and now we are in constant fear of these planes.

Another resident who has lived in the area for approximately eight years explained that she frequently looks overhead when leaving her house to see if there are any planes up and about. “The airplanes fly so low, you don’t know if they’re coming at you or over you,” she said.

The most recent deadly crash was the fifth aircraft accident involving North Perry Airport since May 2020. North Perry Airport has an incredible level of use. The airport has between 250,000 to 300,000 takeoffs and landings annually. That translates to between 685 to 822 takeoffs and landings on average every day. Narrowing the number down further, that equates to about 29 to 34 takeoffs and landings every hour or a takeoff and landing every couple of minutes. In fact, the hourly numbers are higher because the airport isn’t open around the clock.

An investigation has commenced into what caused the Florida aircraft accident. No information is yet available as to why the aircraft plummeted downward and collided with a moving SUV only moments before landing.

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