Massive Fire Destroys Nashville Apartment Building

A massive fire of yet to be determined causes completely destroyed the Brentwood Oaks Apartments in the Nippers Corner district of Nashville, Tennessee. The fire was so huge it could be seen from a considerable distance. A large plume of smoke dominated the skyline during and for a period following the blaze.

A total of 18 individual apartments were destroyed in the Nashville fire. A yet to be determined number of residents have been impacted by the fire. No fatalities and no serious injuries were reported as a result of the apartment building fire. A pet cat has been reported killed.

Challenges arose in regard to fighting the blaze, according to firefighters. Firefighters reported that there was a notable issue with water pressure. This required the firefighters to spend time setting up what is known as a relay system from one fire engine to another via the public water system. The access point for the public water system used in battling the fire is a more considerable distance from the apartment complex. Moving the fire from engine to engine was necessary to create a proper water pressure to fight the fire.

Had the proper fire water source been in proper operation, the blaze would have ben extinguished more efficiently and sooner. It is possible if not likely that the damage would have not been as extensive if the proper fire fighting water source was working appropriately.

This blaze is not the first time a major fired occurred at the Brentwood Oaks Apartments. In 2012, a large fire at the complex resulted in the displacement of 26 residents. No residents were killed or injured in that fire. However, two firefighters did sustain injuries.

The cause of the 2012 fire has never been officially determined. Investigators were only able to determine that the fire started in an attic area.

An investigation into the recent blaze is only now just beginning. The ATF will be working in conjunction with the Nashville Fire Department in order to ascertain the cause of the fire. The ATF oftentimes is called in to assist in the investigation of more major files of the scale of that at the Brentwood Oaks Apartments.

There is some indication that a natural gas line has played at least some role in the fire. The firefighters faced a problem battling the fire until Piedmont Gas crews were able to shutdown the gas line. Natural gas was fueling the blaze. Whether it contributed to the cause of the fire is something that is yet to be determined by investigators.

The reality is that gas pipeline ruptures are common causes of major blazes in the United States. Gas pipeline explosion accidents are responsible for a considerable number of injuries and even fatalities each year.

An issue in this case may exist that the city of Nashville has been negligent somehow in the manner in which water resources were impaired at the location of the fire. In addition, Piedmont Gas ultimately might be identified as playing a role in the Brentwood Oaks Apartments. The fact is that in a good number of fires, multiple parties are deemed responsible for contributing to the underlying cause.

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