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Astroworld Festival Deadly Disaster Began to Muster in the Afternoon

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A mass casualty melee erupted at the Astroworld Festival Friday night during the performance of the wildly popular two-day event’s headliner, Travis Scott. Within little time at all, at least eight people were killed, over 300 were injured, and 23 concertgoers were transported to local medical centers. At least 11 people are listed in critical condition as of Saturday noon, including a 10-year-old-boy. Information about the legal ramifications arising from the devastating turn of events is available now by telephoning the Astroworld Festival injury lawyer hotline at (832) 835-0000.

Prior Warning of “Things to Come”

The deadly stampede at the Astroworld Festival occurred at about 9:30 Friday night. The crowd crush appears to have occurred as a considerable number of concertgoers rapidly began to push against the stage while the event headliner was performing. That process coupled with panic that ensued as fans began to be crushed resulted in a catastrophic stampede of concertgoers that resulted in deadly and critical injuries.

The stark reality is that event organizers arguably were on notice of “things to come” beginning Friday afternoon. Before the concert even started, another stampede of fans occurred at the gates and fence line surrounding NGR Park. What might kindly be described as “overly eager” fans ended up tearing down entrance gates and protective barricades and stormed into the concert site itself.

The pre-show stampede overwhelmed security personnel. The gate and fence crashing resulted in an unknown number of people accessing the concert site without proper security screening and possibly carrying impermissible items into the concert venue.

There were injuries among concertgoers as a result of the afternoon, preshow perimeter breach and crowd rush. What has not been provided by concert organizers is the number or extent of injuries sustained in the afternoon.

The afternoon incident underscore the reality that concert organizers were or reasonably should have been on notice of the potential for ongoing crowd eruptions. This includes a deadly incident like that massive and deadly stampede on Friday night.

Police Investigation Underway

A multifaceted investigation by the Houston Police Department is now underway. While the stampede during the headlining performance is part of that inquiry, the Houston PD is investigating another turn of events as well. A significant portion of the individuals who have been hospitalized had cardiac arrests.

While people certain do have cardiac events in stressful situations like a concert stampede, the percentage of concertgoers having cardiac events coupled with their young ages is raising the prospect that some type of tainted drug may be the cause of these medical crises.

Guard Your Important Legal Rights

The Houston Doan Law Firm began meeting the process of meeting with casualties of the Astroworld Festival. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed at the Houston concert, you can connect with a Astroworld Festival concert injury lawyer promptly by calling (832) 835-0000.

“Houston is my home,” explained Attorney Jimmy Doan. “I join the community in praying for the people injured and killed at this concert, an event that was particularly popular among younger people in our city. This tragedy his so close to home for all of us in Houston and I am meeting personally with anybody who desires to obtain more information about the legal ramifications of the Astroworld Festival disaster. My firm has a skilled, experienced Astroworld Festival concert injury lawyer team of which I am personally taking the lead.”

A consultation with Jimmy and his Astroworld Festival concert injury lawyer team can be arranged at the firm’s Houston offices, your home, the hospital, or any location that is most convenient for you at this challenging time. A virtual consultation with a Astroworld Festival concert injury lawyer can be scheduled online as well.

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There is no cost for a consultation with a Astroworld Festival concert injury attorney. In fact, Jimmy and his firm never charge an attorney fee unless they win for a client.

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