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Astroworld Festival Lacked Sufficient Emergency Medical Support

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24 hours after the deadly Astroworld Festival, The Doan Law Firm has learned more about apparent deficiencies at the Friday night concert where eight people have died and hundreds more were injured. The most recent development is that it now appears concert organizers failed to provide a sufficient amount of emergency medical support to protect the health, safety, and lives of those in attendance at the two-day event in Houston NRG Park.

Update on Alleged Lack of Emergency Medical Support at Astroworld Festival

The specific emergency medical deficiencies associated with the Astroworld Festival catastrophe appear to include:

  • Insufficient number of trained medics on site at the Astroworld Festival
  • Lack of sufficient emergency medical supplies
  • Lack of proper number of defibrillator machines
  • Lack of emergency IV kits
  • Insufficient number of stretchers

Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña briefly addressed the lack of sufficient emergency equipment and trained medical personnel at the Astroworld Festival Friday night. Peña remarked that a for-profit private company was to provide adequate medical personnel and emergency lifesaving equipment for the Astroworld Festival, according to the concert’s primary organizer, Live Nation. The Fire Chief went on to add:

The level of injuries, the number of people in that venue quickly overwhelmed the third-party vendors that were providing the security and the medical component.

What is known about the emergency medical personnel and lifesaving equipment detailed to the site includes:

  • A yet to be identified number of doctors allegedly were onsite at the deadly concert
  • A yet to be identified number of medical emergency technicians allegedly were at Astroworld Festival Friday night at the time of the deadly stampede
  • Confirmation has been received that a number (yet to be stated) of so-called “emergency medical support personnel” were volunteers recruited by the for-profit private company retained by Live Nation (the concert promoter) to address the safety, wellbeing, and very lives of those in attendance at Astroworld Festival

Harris County Medical Institute of Forensic Sciences Needs Your Help

The Harris County Medical Institute of Forensic Sciences needs the help of the public at large in identifying one of the concertgoers who lost his live in the catastrophic stampede at Astroworld Festival. Eight people have died as of this time because of injuries sustained at Astroworld Festival. Seven of the eight concertgoers have been identified, including two young teenagers. The names of the deceased victims of the Astroworld Festival tragedy have not yet been released to the public.

The Harris County Medical Institute of Forensic Sciences has released to the general public the following information about the yet to be identified victim of the deadly concert at Houston NRG Park:

Man in his early 20s with short, dark wavy hair, a slight mustache and a goatee. The man, who was about 6-foot-2 and weighed 498 pounds, was wearing size 11 white Nike sneakers.

Awaiting Coroner’s Reports on Killed Concertgoers

The Houston Coroner’s Office is conducting autopsies and associated forensic examinations, analysis, and testing on the eight individuals who lost their lives at Astroworld Festival. There is speculation that at least some information will be forthcoming from the coroner’s office on Sunday about the official causes of death of the victims of this virtually incomprehensible tragedy. There is no information yet as to whether the coroner will release autopsy information on a victim by victim basis or will provide reports on all individuals at the same time.

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