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Explosion Blasts Radioactive Dust Into Air Over LA

A building was demolished using explosives at the Santa Susana Field Lab located in the hills above Los Angeles. The building was located on the premises of a former rocket and nuclear test site. The building that was intentionally blown up or imploded was used in the development of nuclear reactors. We have now learned that the explosion sent clouds of dust into the air over neighborhoods in Los Angeles, clouds of smokes that experts are now saying contains nuclear materials.

This particular explosion is not the first building that was demolished at the toxic site. In fact, the explosion that recently sent dust containing nuclear materials into the air over LA is the ninth demolition to have taken place this year at the site.

Former Department of Energy Officials Question the Use of Explosives

Former Department of Energy officials are questioning the use of explosives to demolish buildings at the hazardous Santa Susana Field Lab site. According to Anne White, an Assistant U.S. Secretary of Energy under President Trump:

Not the method that I would have chosen. You pull it apart like you would with any other type of building that you’re demolishing. You use a lot of water … a lot of dust suppression. I did not see any dust suppression mechanisms being used, no.

Experts Warn of Danger of Santa Susana Field Lab Explosion

Dan Hirsch, the former director of the Program on Environmental and Nuclear Policy at UC Santa Cruz commented on the hazardous demolition at the Santa Susana Field Lab Explosion:

I was concerned that that radioactive cloud would migrate to where people are. There was absolutely no rationale for blowing it up. You would then be tossing that potentially radioactive material into the air.

Area Los Angeles Residents Express Concern over the Santa Susana Field Lab Explosion

Jeni Knack is an example of area residents who are concerned about the radioactive material in the dust that has blown over the LA area as a result of the Santa Susana Field Lab explosion:

I’m worried that there could have been microparticles of radioactive elements in the dust. But I can’t think about it too much because I have a kid who plays in the yard, and I tell her to go outside and get some fresh air, every day. Yeah, I’m concerned.

Los Angeles Area Officials Take on Contamination Issue

A pair of Los Angeles County elected officials are taking on the radioactive contamination issue. Los Angeles City Councilman John Lee and Los Angeles County Supervisor sent a letter to the California Department of Toxic Substances Control:

Clean-up action has been far too little and far too late, and extensive toxic contamination remains on site … We are opposed to any action that would significantly delay or weaken site clean-up. Consider the families of children with childhood cancer in our communities, the parents and residents who must worry that they might be next, and those who worry about the safety of their own backyards and the dust that comes in their windows or the rainwater running by their homes and schools, or carcinogens in the smoke and ash when the site catches fire.

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