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Fatal Flint Explosion Rocks Neighborhoods

Confusion reigns in the aftermath of a reported explosion or series of explosions that were said to be felt by Flint, Michigan residents from as far away as five miles from the purported blast (or blasts). Early reports from the area are that as many as three residences may have blown up in a Flint neighborhood. Initial information from the scene suggests that “several people were trapped in one or more of these houses.” There are residents from the neighborhood of the purported Flint explosion that have advised a woman was screaming for her baby as what is described as an “inferno” raged about her.

Emergency Personnel on the Scene

Firefighters rapidly were dispatched to the scene of the Flint explosion and fire. They immediately began a search and rescue operation as they started the process of fighting a fire that appears to have engulfed three homes next to one another. The Flint Fire Chief did report later in the evening that there appear to be fatalities. The Chief did not elaborate on the number of people who appear to have lost their lives in the explosion.

Cause of the Explosion or Explosions and Fire Unclear

As the night sped to dawn in the neighborhood, no definitive information is yet available as to the underlying cause of the Flint explosion. Some witnesses from the neighborhood suggest that a fire may have started in a shed associated with one of the residences. That does not, however, account for the explosions that were heard and felt from miles around.

The explosion or explosions do appear to have been centered at one of the multiple homes that appear to have been destroyed Monday night. The natural course of speculation now is that there may have been some sort of gas pipeline or natural gas-related incident.

Flint, Michigan has garnered international renown for its unsuitable water infrastructure. The state of water in the community has made headlines for some years now. Perhaps the Monday night explosion or explosions can be traced to yet another infrastructure issue in the city of Flint. But, at this time, with limited information, conclusions about the cause of the Flint explosion and ensuing fire are speculation.

Officials may have more information as morning approaches regarding the case of the Flint explosion and fire. If they do, they are being tightlipped about it all.

Ambulances at the Scene

In addition to some people presumed dead, it also appears that other may have been transported to an area medical center for care and treatment. No one has released any information about who or how many people may have been taken to the hospital. No information is available as to what injuries have been sustained by people impacted more directly by the Flint explosion.

Twitter Accounts of Flint Explosion

A number of people have taken to Twitter in the aftermath of the Flint explosion. One woman in the immediate vicinity of the blast shared to particularly poignant tweets:

A house blew up and this lady is screaming she couldn’t get her baby out. I’m in pure years over here.

She also tweeted:

My child is safely sleeping on my leg while another mother is screaming in pain because hers was stuck in a fire. Jesus.

Another individual that lives five miles from the scene of the explosion also took to Twitter:

We were just sitting here and all of a sudden a huge explosion rattled the house, shaking the windows. Turns out a (house) five miles away exploded taking multiple houses with it.

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