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Flint Explosion Takes Two Lives, Destroys or Damages 27 Homes

The Flint explosion that took two lives and injured others also resulted in the damage or destruction of 27 homes. The Flint explosion occurred on November 22 at around 9:30 at night. The cause of the highly destructive, deadly blast is yet to be determined. What is known about the Flint explosion as of Saturday, November 26 includes:

  • The explosion occurred at a residence located in the 3900 block of Hogarth Avenue between Nedra and Walton Avenues.
  • The explosion occurred on the west side of Flint.
  • 27 residences in the blast zone have been either completely destroyed or seriously damaged.
  • As of the end of the week, the City of Flint has blocked residents from returning to any of these homes.
  • All utility services have been disconnected to the 27 homes in question.
  • A four-year-old girl was killed in the residence where the explosion occurred.
  • A 55-year-old woman was killed in a home next to the residence where the explosion occurred.
  • The parents of the girl who lost her life in the Flint explosion were injured in the blast.
  • Both parents have been hospitalized.
  • The mother evidently has suffered non-life-threatening injuries of some sort, which have not been made public.
  • The father, on the other hand, remains in critical condition four days after the Flint explosion.
  • None of the names of any of the victims have been released to the press or the public.

There is no new information on the state of the investigation into the deadly Flint explosion. An investigation into the cause of the blast has been ongoing. There is no indication as to how long the investigation will continue. There is no timeframe yet available as to when more information might be made available to the press and the public regarding the explosion investigation.

Directly after the explosion, the natural gas utility company issued a brief statement. In that statement, the utility company stated that it maintained that it was not responsible for the explosion. Despite the state, the utility service company is participating in the investigation of the blast.

The stark reality is that residential explosions of this nature typically are associated with natural gas service at a property. Another reality is that decaying infrastructure is a major problem. Indeed, Flint itself has made national – even international – headlines regarding potable water issues.

Gas pipelines are on the list of types of infrastructure that are in decaying and even dangerous condition. For this reason, speculation is ongoing that decaying infrastructure may have contributed or even caused the fatal Flint explosion of this past week. Again, the timeframe within which clear information will be available regarding the cause of the blast and whether a degraded pipeline contributed to the disaster is not yet known.

The Doan Law Firm maintains offices in Ann Arbor and Detroit to assist the people of Flint. This includes those people who have suffered injuries and other losses in the devastating Flint explosion. Our offices aiding the victims of the Flint explosion are located at:

2723 South State

Suite 150

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

(734) 992-0000

400 Renaissance Center

Suite 2600

Detroit, Michigan 48243

(313) 558-0000

We can also arrange a virtual discussion and consultation between Flint explosion accident victims and a Flint explosion accident attorney. There is never a charge for a consultation following an explosion accident.

We have opened up toll free phone lines to assist victims of the Flint explosion. You can connect with a Flint explosion lawyer by calling (734) 992-0000 or (313) 558-0000.

You can connect with a Flint explosion attorney any time that is convenient for you. These phone lines are in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including all holidays.

In addition to the telephone lines established to assist Flint explosion victims with their vital legal questions, other helplines have also been established:

  • City of Flint has established a 24 hour a day call center for those displaced by the Flint explosion. People can access the city helpline at (810) 410-2020.
  • Catholic Charities of Shiawassee and Genesee Counties can be reached at (810) 232-9950.

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