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Houston Police Chief on Deadly Travis Scott Concert

Multiple Parties Share Blame, Travis Scott Production Crew Primarily Responsible

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Houston Police Chief Troy Finner was forceful at a Wednesday afternoon press conference about the deadly Travis Scott concert over the past weekend. Chief Finner made a clear statement that he believes the Travis Scott production team is primarily responsible for permitting the concert to continue after a deadly crowd surge broke out at the Astroworld Festival. With that said, he also made it clear that there are other parties responsible for the preventable death and injuries that occurred in NRG Park on Friday night. The Chief also confirmed:

  • Eight confirmed dead
  • A number of people remain in critical condition
  • A number of people are in an induced coma
  • Initially, 25 people were transported to area medical centers
  • Hundreds of other people suffered injuries at the Travis Scott concert
  • This is not the first time a violent crowd surge has occurred at a Travis Scott concert
  • Travis Scott has been charged twice for inciting crowd violence at his concerts
  • Scott and Drake continued to perform for at least 40 minutes after the deadly crowd surge started
  • FBI is now involved in investigating the case
  • The Travis Scott concert is the deadliest U.S. musical event disaster since the 2017 the mass shooting at the Las Vegas country music festival

List of Parties Responsible for the Travis Scott Concert Tragedy

As of several days after the deadly Travis Scott concert at the Astroworld Festival in NRG Park, the following individuals and companies have been identified as likely being responsible for the injuries and deaths sustained by victims. These are:

  • Travis Scott
  • Drake
  • Live Nation
  • Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation (owner of NRG Park)

Concert Safety Consultant: Travis Scott Concert Disaster was Preventable

Concert safety consultant Paul Wertheimer has evaluated what occurred at NRG Park on Friday night during the Astroworld Festival. Wertheimer made it abundantly clear that the catastrophe during the Travis Scott concert was preventable. He went on to add that “the fans were the victims of an environment in which they could not control.”

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Jimmy Doan, attorney at law of The Doan Law Firm, already is representing clients who are victims of the deadly Travis Scott concert catastrophe. During his latest update, he shared some key points a person injured at the Travis Scott needs to consider when seeking legal representation at this time. The same factors hold true for families who have lost one of their own at the deadly NRG Park concert. These include asking a set of key questions:

  • Has a lawyer or law firm handled mass casualty events?
  • Does a law firm have a proper medical team available to assist injured people?
  • Does a law firm have a the right experts to support a claim?
  • Has the firm won a verdict over $100 million?

Jimmy Doan and The Doan Law Firm has accomplished these objectives. The Travis Scott concert injury lawyer team at The Doan Law Firm has the background and commitment necessary to represent injured people and families who have lost a beloved son, daughter, sister, or brother in this nightmarish incident.

You can connect with Jimmy Doan and his Travis Scott concert injury lawyer team any time of the day or night by calling (832) 835-0000.

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In addition to its home office in Houston, the firm has other offices across the state of Texas and from coast to coast across the United States.

The Doan Law Firm never charges an attorney fee unless our legal team wins a favorable settlement or judgment in your case. Our Travis Scott concert injury lawyer team will fight tirelessly to obtain justice and the compensation you deserve.

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