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How to Keep Safe Making the Thanksgiving Feast

For a majority of Americans, Thanksgiving 2020 was a time when family and friends were not able to gather to celebrate. 2021 is proving to be different. People will be gathering together across the country to celebrate the holiday – and to eat, eat, eat. With that in mind, there are eight Thanksgiving kitchen safety tips to bear in mind.

Keen an Eye on What’s Cooking

A key safety rule to keep in mind is never leave cooking food unattended. If you must depart from the kitchen event for a short period of time, turn off the stove. The U.S. Red Cross reports that 70 percent of the population leaves cooking food unattended. This type of inattention simply must not occur.

Keep Flammable Items Away from Stove

Make certain that any potentially flammable items are well clear of the stove. Make sure these items are not only next to the stove but are kept out of range of falling onto an active stove unintentionally. Examples of these items which must be kept clear of the area around a stove are:

  • Dishtowels
  • Boxes
  • Paper
  • Curtains

Keep Children and Pets Away from Stove

On a related note, always keep children and pets away from an active stove. A simple practice is to keep pets and children at least five feet away from a stove in use at all times. If you have a smaller kitchen, just keep children and pets out of the room all together.

Smoke When Frying Food

If you see smoke when frying food, of if the cooking grease starts to boil, immediately turn off the burner. Carefully remove the pan from the burner promptly as well.

Keep a Pan Lid Nearby

Keep a pan lid in range to cover a pan should it catch fire. In the alternative, keep a cooking sheet within reach as an alternative. Keep the lid in until the pan has completely cooled.

Arrange Pot and Pan Handles

Keep the handles on pots and pans turned to the back of the stove when in use. Turning the handles to the rear of the stove prevents pots and pans from being bumped or pulled over.

Use a Timer

Use a timer when you are cooking or baking. By using a timer, you lessen the odds that something will remain cooking or baking for too long. It aids in preventing a fire – and a culinary catastrophe.

Double Check that Appliances are Turned Off

After cooking or baking, doublecheck that appliances are turned off. Doublecheck that appliances are turned off before you go to bed or before you leave the house.

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